Holy Cross Cheerleading


THE 2013-2014 TEAM

Senior: Emily Correia
Junior: Brittany Alkes, Jaclyn Coffey, Taylor Llano, Victoria Perenich, Sarah Phipps
Sophomore: Inez Asante, LiAnn Butterfield, Sara Brisson, Gia DeMeo, Andrea Fei, Monica Polanco, Johnna Trotter
Freshman: Nicole Bombara, Andrea Pappey


Being a member of any athletic team can be a valuable learning experience. It teaches responsibility, dedication, teamwork, and allows athletes to have fun while sharing common interests. At Holy Cross, the cheerleaders are dedicated and hard workers. At the college level cheerleaders are expected to have a strong fundamental cheer background to include sharp motion technique, dance, crowd appeal and good jump technique and tumbling. Safety is the number one priority and cheerleaders must adhere to the safety guidelines set forth by AACCA. The head coach will continually evaluate the readiness of each team member to participate, encourage a competitive spirit in the athlete, and to provide the opportunity for continued growth of the individual cheerleader. All team members must be willing to work together to achieve goals and must recognize that what they do (or do not do) affects the entire team. Student-athletes are expected to deal with conflicts in a mature manner. They must maintain discipline with regards to their academics, attendance and dedication in order to be successful. Team members must promote and uphold the positive image of the College of Holy Cross when at home or away. 

The following requirements must be adhered to by all cheerleaders at Holy Cross:
1. Respect Coach, Faculty, Students and Team members.
2. Attendance at all academic classes and a prioritization of academics.
3. Attendance at all Holy Cross Cheerleading Practices, Games and Events as scheduled.
4. Respect for one's self (fitness & health, appearance, attitude & psychological readiness).
Tryouts are always in September.  If anyone has any questions about cheerleading at HC, please contact head coach Tina Marie Borrelli.
Coach Borrelli began as head coach for Holy Cross in the fall of 2009. She has over 20 years coaching experience and has coached on the high school, collegiate and professional levels.  She is a certifed cheerleading coach for the high school and collegiate levels. Borrelli is also a certified judge at the high school cheerleading level. She owns and teaches dance at LTL School of Dance & Cheer. From 1989 to 2009 she coached Holy Name Central Catholic High School. Borrelli promotes a competitive spirit in her athletes and strives to create an atmosphere where teamwork and respect is a top priority.