My Summer: Dana Weston

Dana Weston

Senior volleyball player Dana Weston (Canton, Mass.) discusses her summer.

I interned this summer with the Suffolk County Juvenile Probation Department at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in Boston and the Global Security Department of State Street Corporation in Quincy. I am a Sociology major at Holy Cross and my long-term goal is to be a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I spent Monday and Tuesday of each week interning with the Suffolk County Juvenile Probation Department. I was assigned to the court team and attended court sessions alongside a probation officer. Beginning each day, all defendants were required to be checked in with the probation department. The charges facing the defendants ranged from assault and battery, unlawful possession of a firearm, Child Requiring Assistance and domestic cases. If defendants appearing in court that day did not have a previous criminal record, an intake interview of the minor and the minor's parents would be conducted. During my second week of my internship, I began conducting these interviews myself. The interviews are used as the foundation for the probation officers in understanding each juvenile in advance of his or her appearance in court. In addition to personal information, the questions ranged from inquiring about a juvenile's home life and family interaction to how free time is spent. 

Following the intake interviews, I would join the probation officer in the court room. Each probation officer is also responsible for providing criminal records for returning defendants to assist the prosecuting attorneys as well as the defense team prior to the opening of the court session. I was so impressed with the court room atmosphere and the important role of a probation officer. Being able to listen to the attorneys create pleas as well as argue against each other was very interesting. I could certainly see myself as a prosecuting attorney if I decide to attend law school in the future.

I also had the privilege of meeting and working closely with the judge who was often in our court room. When I first met him, he asked me where I went to college. After learning that I attended Holy Cross, he asked me why not Boston College. I explained my love of Holy Cross and he responded with "good, I went to the Cross!" He loved talking about his days at the Cross as well as my plans after graduation.

After my two days with the Probation Department, I spent the rest of each week with the Global Security Investigations Department of State Street Corporation. Each day with this extremely dedicated group was different and informative. I was assigned long-term projects to complete over the course of my internship, but the spur of the moment investigations really captured my interest and attention. I was able to assist with various investigations including background investigations, email review of online interactions and suspicious packages sent to the company. On a weekly basis, I participated in a conference call to review all current cases being investigated by the group. I was also able to spend time in the Security Control Center and learned how much effort and personnel are involved with keeping a worldwide company of over 29,000 employees safe and secure. 

One of the most exciting days of the summer included a visit to the Boston Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I met with a few Special Agents and toured the facility. The Special Agents spoke about their careers and love of the work they do each day. They stressed the importance of hard work, dedication and resilience. They were so helpful and inspired me to pursue my dreams even more.

I am very grateful to the Suffolk County Juvenile Probation Department and the Global Security Investigations Department of State Street Corporation for their guidance, the trust they placed in me, and providing the opportunity for me to take my first steps in making my dream career a reality.

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