Off The Court With Heather Roberts

Heather Roberts

Here is a closer look at sophomore volleyball player Heather Roberts (San Jose, Calif.).

Nickname: Robbie

Favorite Musician: Elvis Presley

Favorite Book: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

Favorite Actor: Ewan McGregor

Favorite Movies: The Breakfast Club and Despicable Me

Favorite TV Shows: Rugrats, Modern Family, Family Guy & Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Sports other than volleyball: Hockey and Baseball

Favorite Sports Figure: Joe Thorton on the San Jose Sharks

Favorite Spot on Campus: Cool beans in Stein

Favorite Class at Holy Cross: Psychology

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: Coffee!! I drink it at least three times a day!

Craziest Ambition: To go zorbing in New Zealand

Person I Admire Most: My mom

Most Influential People in My Life: My mom, dad, sister and brother

Thing I am Most Thankful for: My family and friends

One Person from History I Would Like to Have Dinner with: Nelson Mandela!

Advice to Young Athletes: Even when you face adversity, just keep pushing yourself. No one said it would be easy, but it's definitely worth it.

Why I Chose Holy Cross: I definitely wanted to come to the East Coast. The campus is beautiful, the academics are great and the volleyball team is awesome so everything just kind of fell into place.