Holy Cross Competes in Albany Invitational

Sept. 25, 2004

Albany, N.Y. - The Holy Cross women's tennis team fell to SUNY Albnay 5-4 this weekend in the Albany Invitational. Montreal University also competed in the tournament, which did not count towards the teams overall records.

SINGLES #1. Courtney Michels (UA) def. Kerry Trimmer (HC), 10-5 #2. Christina Suarez (UA) def. Katie Irwin (HC), 8-2 #3. Amanda Hall (UA) def. Meredith Bacon (HC), 8-1 #4. Aimee Kern (UA) def. Amy Garrity (HC), 10-6 #5. Megan Moran (HC) def. Kim Westcott (UA), 8-5 #6. Kristen Foley (HC) def. Amanda Brown (UA), 10-3 #7. Ginnene Sartoro (HC) def. Kerry Levis (UA), 10-4 #8. Diana Mahoney (HC) def. Priya Patel (UA), 10-1

DOUBLES #1. Michels/Kern (UA) def. Trimmer/Garrity (HC), 8-4 #2. Suarez/Hall (UA) def. Irwin/Moran (HC), 9-7 #3. Westcott/Levis (UA) def. Bacon/Foley (HC), 8-5 #4. Sartoro/Mahoney (HC) def. Brown/Patel (UA), 8-4