Out Of The Water With Lindsay Mlazgar

Here is a closer look at senior swimming & diving captain Lindsay Mlazgar from Bloomington, Minn.

Nickname: Lindz, Lindsay Rae, Miss Snowflake

Favorite Musician: Jason Aldean

Favorite Book: Angels & Demons

Favorite Song: Levels remixed with anything

Favorite Actor: Mark Wahlberg

Favorite Movie: Fargo

Favorite TV Show: The Real Housewives of Anywhere

Favorite Magazine: Country Living magazine

Favorite Sport other than the one you play at HC: Golf

Favorite Sports Figure: Sidney Crosby

Favorite Spot on Campus: Anywhere but the library

Favorite Class at Holy Cross: American Foreign Policy

Before I Came to Holy Cross, I'd Never Heard of: Soda, breakdown lanes, casserole, grinders, bubblers, "wicked", removing the letter "r" from any word… New England speaks its own language

Pre-Game Routine: Wiggle my toes and fingers and count to three but dive on two

Favorite Thing to do on Bus Trips: Play Truth or Dare and Would You Rather

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: Toast

Title of My Autobiography: The Blonde Chronicles

Craziest Ambition: To be on Man vs. Food

Dream Job: Canadian diplomat

Favorite Web Site: Stumbleupon

Person I Admire Most: My younger brother

Most Influential Person in My Life: Annie O'Shea

Best Word to Describe Me: Minnesota-nice

Thing I am Most Thankful for: Puppies

Favorite Quote: "Oh ya you betcha"

One Person from History I Would Like to Have Dinner with: Herb Brooks

Most Famous Person I've Met: Mike Daly

Advice to Young Athletes: Put your whole heart into whatever you do because that will make your athletic experience worthwhile.

Why I Chose Holy Cross: I chose Holy Cross because I wanted to experience the East Coast and I fell in love with the campus, except the whole hill part. HC obviously had great academics which balanced well with the swim and dive program and that was what I was looking for.