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Sunday, March 13, 2011

After spending a great day in Venice we headed back to Milan for our last night! Venice was beautiful! We went on a gondola,and although Liz was the only one singing in Italian, it was such a great experience. We saw the famous Murano glass factory, and got to watch a private display of glass being blown (a famous Venetian trade). Duringa few hours of free time we had a chance to explore the local shops, many of which were filled with masks for Venice's famous Carnivale. After, we had a tour of the city's main tourist sites, with a unique tour guide, too bad Liz missed it! Venice is a such a unique city, it is unbelievable.

This morning we had a final fitness session and are trying to fit all the souvenirs in our bags! Although we had great weather all week, it is raining in Italy this morning. We're pretty sure the clouds are sad to see us go. This week was an amazing experience for all of us and we know that it is something we will never forget! We are all so excited to head back to school cultured and closer than ever, and show everyone our thousands of pictures (literally, thousands)!

A huge thank you again to everyone who helped make this trip possible. We are forever grateful for your generosity!


Catch ya stateside,

Claire Murphy and Liz Early'12 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Due to our busy schedule and successes on the soccer field, the coaches allowed us a relaxing morning. We had a late start after eating delicious chocolate croissants for the sixth day in a row and drove through San Marino to a shopping mall with 150 stores. Last minute shopping!

After some snacks –aranccini, melanzane, gelato, pasta, sandwiches, and McDonalds – we drove up the narrow streets (with snow on the side) into the capital of San Marino, San Marino.

San Marino is a little cityon the top of a mountain, with only 68 people living in the capital's stonewalls. San Marino is very unique; it exists as an independent republic in the center of Italy. We had free time and many of us found a pastry shop with various nutella sweets.

Laura, our tour guide, was an immediate favorite. She was enthusiastic, and her sense of humor kept us interested throughout our climb up to the castles. There were three main castle towers that we walked to, and the views were breathtaking!

Free time after the tour –we all got lost in the small cobblestone streets and enjoyed the city. We headed back to the hotel for some team bonding, and a delicious dinner of fries and veal, with a fruitful dessert.

Tomorrow to VENICE!!!! On to the city on water!

Love you moms and dads and siblings.

--- Tricia, Mar, and Lizzy 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ciao Bella!

This morning we woke up to a relaxing breakfast of CHOCOLATE croissants and yogurt. We loaded the bus around 9:30am and made our way to Florence for a guided tour of the city. We "dismissed Niccola" (the driver of our green bus) and met up with our Italian tour guide at 11 a.m. Free time followed the extremely detailed tour (we now know where the Divine Comedy was written and we are very familiar with the most famous naked man in history – Michelangelo's David). Euros were spent on delicious pizza and gelato, leather and many, many scarves. Don't fret parents, bargains were made! On a personal level, havingspent all of our money the previous day, we walked around in circles for anhour trying to find the leather market and a cheap pizzeria.

We sadly left Florence late afternoon, and three hours later we found ourselves eating salad, pasta, proscuitto and parmigiana, and peach crust at Hotel Roma on the Adriatic Coast. We drove to our third and final game. Despite a good performance, we lost 2-1 (goal by Gaby Ransom, a saved penalty kick by Ashlyn Angell). Unfortunately, the referee was not on our side and the typical Italian style of play resulted in many fouls against Holy Cross women's soccer.

That night, we arrived atour Hotel in San Marino, exhausted we headed right to bed. 

Love you moms and dads and siblings.

--- Tricia, Mar, and Lizzy 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First things first…Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

We spent today in beautiful Florence! After checking out of our hotel in Milan, we drove through the Italian mountainside to breathtaking Tuscany. A few hours south brought us warmer weather with temperatures in the 60s (dress weather!!!)…we finally found warm thunder the Tuscan sun! The city was absolutely beautiful. We had some free time to explore on our own, but tomorrow we will have a guided tour through the city's most famous sites. Many of us spent the time shopping in Florence's famous leather market, where we found jackets, shoes,and quite a few satchels. We can'twait to take on Mt. St. James in all of our new (leather) gear! We also took time to enjoy Florence's most famous artistic work, Michelangelo's marble sculpture David. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Other than that, Florence had extremely enjoyable eateries: crepes, pizza, and mucho gelato! (We definitely don't miss Kimball).

Besides enjoying Florence we also had our second match of the trip against ACF Firenze Femminile. Not only was it a great game, but we won!! Liz was the one with the golden boot today in our 1-0 victory! Boom! The competition was fierce, and we were proud to come away with a win against one of the best women's teams inItaly! Watch out Patriot League! Tomorrow will be another great day in Florence, we might stay forever!

Stay Classy,

Kdill and Learls '12 (Kelsey Dillon and Liz Early

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello from Milan!

Today the team traveled to Milan to have a fun day filled with sightseeing and shopping. We left from the hotel after a nice breakfast around 8:45 AM. The hour-long bus ride took us right into Milan, where we met our tour guide.  We were taken through the famous castle in Milan. From there, we walked to the cathedral of Milan, Duomo, which was absolutely incredible. It's located in the middle of the city, in a plaza surrounded by stores where we could shop. The architecture of the castle was mesmerizing – nothing like we have ever seen in the states. Our guided tour through the inside and outside of the cathedral gave us a wide appreciation for a fascinating structure from ancient Italy that took three centuries to construct!  

After a fun filled day in Milan we took the bus back to enjoy some down time before the biggest pre-game meal of our lives.  When that was finally over we headed to our field to face Como 2000, an Italian "futbol" team that was equipped with very mature, skilled women to say the least.  The game was tough, but we held our own until the last minutes of the game when we came out in a loss.  The funny thing about Italian soccer is that their women's teams range in ages from 15 to 30… After the game we hopped on the bus and "par-cored" our way back to our hotel where we would spend our last night in Milano, the city not the cookie.  We are sooo excited for our journey into Florence tomorrow!  Until next time… Bon appetite!

Hannah, Marge and Mo  - '13

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ciao from Como!

Our first full day in Como, Italy was absolutely amazing. After breakfast at the hotel, we headed to a local field for our first practice. It was great to finally play outside after all of our winter sessions in the field house. Coach Gallagher gave us the run down on the team we're playing tomorrow. Sounds like they'll be a challenge, but we're excited to face some foreign competition.

After quick showers at the field, we headed out toward the city of Lake Como. Our first breathtaking glimpse of the city from the bus left us even more eager to get down there. We had an hour of free time to grab lunch before the official touring began. Most of us headed to a local pizzeria for our first Italian pizza and gelati (delicious!). After lunch we took a walk around the lake, snapping pics and trying to keep up with our speedy Italian host, Giancarlo ("Gianca"). The guided tour brought us deeper into the city where we saw two cathedrals that are both over 2,000 years old. Our tour guide spoke great English and had tons of fun facts for us. One of the coolest was that the Romans actually built the city around 50 B.C. as a military base because of its proximity to northern Europe. Gianca took us on a final walk around the lake. We snapped a few more pics and headed back to our hotel in Como.

All in all we're enjoying our time here in Italy, and most of us are developing deep relationships with pizza, gelato and nutella.

Until tomorrow… Arrivederci!

- Ashlyn and Kellie – '13

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello from Italy!

We arrived here in Milano with no trouble at all.  The flight was a bit cramped, but the in-flight Swiss chocolate, gorgeous view of the Alps and Tetris made up for it!  Needless to say, we were so excited to see The Mics, who had arrived a day earlier to see the city.  As soon as we boarded our coach bus we headed to the game.  The stadium was enormous, and we could hear the fans singing even before we entered the stadium.  When we eventually found our seats (one man suggested his lap), we quickly got into the game.  The fans were insane and constantly taunted Genoa's fans every time Inter scored or had a good play, which was the majority of the game! Exhausted from the flight and the game, we headed to our hotel and got ready for our first Italian meal (I don't count the raviolis on the plane), which was in the restaurant of the hotel.   After dinner, we headed straight to bed to prepare for our first training session at 9:30 a.m.  Overall, a good start to the trip!  We love you and miss you all,

--Lauren Wright '12

Hello everyone!

On Saturday we are headed to Italy and hope you will follow our trip!

Before we leave we would like to thank all of you that contributed to help significantly decrease the cost of our trip; we appreciate your generosity and are very grateful for the support! Especially to the alumni, we look forward to seeing you on April 16th to share stories and pictures at the game!

With flights confirmed, indoor sessions almost over, and the packing list ready, we are all very excited to compete overseas!

Here is a brief look at our XL Travel Soccer Tours Italian adventure:

Saturday, March 5:Depart Boston International Airport

Sunday, March 6: Arrive in Milan! Then head straight to a live game: INTER MILAN V GENOA KO

Monday, March 7: Our first training session followed by a tour of Lake Como.

Tuesday, March 8: Free time in Milan, the economical and fashion capital ofItaly! Then our first match vs.FCF Como 2000

Wednesday, March 9: Free time in Florence then a match vs ACF Firenze Femminile

Thursday, March 10: Guided tour of Florence, then on the way to San Marino we stop at the Adriatic Coast for shopping in renowned cities ofthe Italian Riviera. Ending the day with the third match vs. Riviera di Romangna

Friday, March 11: Guided tour and free time in San Marino then our final training session.

Saturday, March 12: Venice for a guided tour of the city of bridges and alleys, with out cars!

Sunday, March13: Head backto the States!

Be sure to check back for updates once we are there!

-Claire Murphy '12