2009 Spring Break Training Blog

March 16, 2009

2009 Spring Break Blog:

From Laura LeBourdais, Class of 2010

Spring Break week represents the beginning of our team's third phase of training, and the first chance for many of our team to get back on the water for the first time since November! After a long, tough winter of erging in the Hart Center, we finally get a break to enjoy the sun and open water. We left Holy Cross Saturday morning to fly into Orlando, and then drove to our hotel at Cocoa Beach. For many, including myself, this was our first trip with the team, and we were still getting used to the rigorous schedule. Our first practice on Sunday morning started at sunrise and was a "shake down" to let people get back their swings, and let our coaches see where everyone was at. In the afternoon, after a lot of food and a little napping, the boats were back on the water for second session, despite the wind and cool weather.

Monday morning the Novice Team took the early session; we took the late with some long pieces up and down the canals, and I had my first time in the coxswain's seat since November! The afternoon consisted mostly of technique work, including a few minute pieces and a manatee attack! My boat experienced a moment of terror when we thought we hit a rock, until a nose and tail emerged from the water, followed closely by another. The boats were ok, aside from being a little shaken and surprised, and before long it was back to the shore to put away the boats.

So far the trip had been great, not only in getting us all back in boats, working on our technique and form, but has also been a chance for everyone to spend time together and get to know each other. We live, for the most part, four to a room and are in charge of our own meals, a daunting task for those of us who rely on Kimball for all of our meals. Training was a lot of work, but this was a huge part of our season and essential in preparing us for the fast approaching spring race season, plus it was a nice escape from the cold and snow of Worcester!