2009 Indoor Rowing Training blog

Feb. 20, 2009

2009 Winter Rowing Blog:

From Odet Douglass, Class of 2011

Indoor winter training began the week we returned from Christmas break. This part of the season is one of the most critical phases for success in the spring season. We practice about 5 to 6 days a week up at the Hart Center where we workout on erg machines next to the rowing tanks. We generally practice about an hour and a half with workouts varying each day at different levels of intensity. The month of January was mostly spent on technique and longer, steady state less pressure pieces to gradually get us back into erging shape. Transitioning from 6k races to 2k sprints is the main task during this time. The month of February and the days leading up to Spring Break is when the intensity builds up. For the past 3 to 4 weeks, practices have focused on shorter, max pressure pieces and maintaining technique while doing so. We are constantly reminded to think about what we are doing and at times we have to push ourselves above and beyond our physical limitations so we can be in the best possible shape for the spring. It has been tough at times, but I have seen a definite change and improvement in our team since we began in January. We are getting into better shape physically as well as mentally and I feel that overall the team morale is high. I’m very excited and anxious to get back on the water in a few weeks to really see how far we’ve come since the fall and how much faster we are. Winter training is definitely the most grueling phase of the year, but is the most necessary and I know the hard work we’re putting in now will pay off in the spring on race day. I can’t wait!