Women's Rowing Host Events Against Smith and Radcliffe Lightweights

March 30, 2008


Race Report
By Lindsay Piotti, Program Administrator

The Holy Cross women's rowing team faced off against Smith College and the Radcliffe lightweight squad on Sunday, March 30 in Worcester. It was another bitterly cold morning, though the wind was down and the lake fairly calm. This was the second race of the season for the Crusaders.

The women's varsity eight looked to row a more consistent race than yesterday, hoping to improve both their technique and rhythm. The video from Saturday's race proved to be quite helpful as the women executed extremely well. The unified boat truly rowed as one, relaxed and focused as they sent the boat down the course. The crusaders finished just behind the Radcliffe lightweight boat, and with a time of 6:57 they finished ahead of Smith College by 16 seconds.

While the women's second varsity eight had a solid row the day before, they looked to perform even better today against Radcliffe and Smith on Sunday. The boat achieved this goal as they improved from Saturday's race time by three seconds. The crusaders crossed the finish line second to Radcliffe's lightweight boat, with a time of 6:16.

The Crusaders' third varsity eight went head to head with Smith College in the third varsity eight race and had a great performance. The women finished with a time of 7:24.7, ahead of Smith College's 7:44.7 finish time.

The women's novice eight had worked out their nerves from their first race on Saturday and went into Sunday's race with their heads focused on their boat alone. The novice eight had a much better race, clearly learning from the piece the previous day. The boat finished second with a time of 7:51.5, falling to Radcliffe but beating Smith by 17.5 seconds.

The women's rowing race schedule does not slow down from here, next weekend they face the University of New Hampshire and Williams College on Saturday in Worcester, and the University of Massachusetts and Colgate University in Amherst on Sunday.