Rowing Teams Host Event At Lake Quinsigamond

March 29, 2008


Race Report
By Lindsay Piotti, Program Administrator

The Holy Cross women's rowing team started their season with an at home race against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Wesleyan University, and Mt. Holyoke. The women's rowing team has been preparing for this moment since the beginning of September and the road has been long and hard. The ice on the lake finally broke a week earlier- water practice had been limited, however the women were excited for the opportunity compete!

The women's varsity eight race was the first women's race of the morning, going up against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Wesleyan University, and Mt. Holyoke College. The women's varsity eight was lead by coxswain Katie Donnelly, stoke Clare Bracikowski, Lis Flaherty, Monika Mangsen, Valerie Jackson, Johanna Cubelli, Abby Hammond, Mara Piltin, and Gosha Smas. The varsity eight had a fast start, and quickly sent their boat out to the front of the pack. With about 1000 meters down, the boat began to lose focus as Coast Guard gained. At the finish line the crusaders missed first place by 3 seconds with a time of 6:51. The varsity eight beat Mt. Holyoke by ten seconds and Wesleyan by 29. Though the women were pleased with their time, they were not satisfied with second and determined to step it up for their race on Sunday against Smith and the Radcliffe lightweights.

The women's second varsity eight, coxed by Caroline Krug, stroked by Kelly St. Germain, and consisting Katherine Byrnes, Lindsey Donovan, Nicole Gabana, Alex Dempsey, Ashley Fish, Meredith Malysz, and bow seat Erika Furtado, were now up against Mt. Holyoke. The boat had a great race, rowing very consistent and relaxed. The crusaders finished first with a time of 7:19.4, beating Holyoke by 32.5 seconds.

The women's third varsity eight competed against Mt. Holyoke as well, finishing in first place with a time of 7:23, 17 seconds ahead of Mt. Holyoke. The women's third varsity eight was made up of coxswain Vicky Vergara, stroke Erika Harrington, Andrea Simari, Allison Kaufman, Michelle Dwyer, Caitlin Rushworth, Emily Joseph, and Jaclyn Jankowski.

It was the first 2000 meter race ever for the women's novice eight, and you could see the excitement in their faces as they sat on the line. The boat jumped out at the start, but lost some steam along the way. The crusaders finished in second place, just behind Mt. Holyoke, and ahead of Coast Guard, with a time of 7:35. The women's novice eight was lead by coxswain Christie Kapothanisis, stroke Odet Douglass, Laura Dillon, Tina Milne, Rachel Dutton, Shannon Driscoll, Liz Flaherty, Claire Moynahan, and Courtney Brown.

The final event of the day was the women's varsity four event, where the crusader's third varsity four, coxed by Chloe Gordon, and made up of Allison Kaufman, Michelle Dwyer, Jen Beaudoin, and bowman Caitlin Rushworth, raced the Coast Guard Academy's first varsity and second varsity fours. The boat crossed the finish line second, with a time of 8:18.

With the first race down and the nerves completely gone, the team looks to race again tomorrow against Smith College and the Radcliffe lightweights.