Women's Rowing Races At The Knecht Cup

Bridget Schirripa

CAMDEN, N.J. – The Holy Cross women's rowing team competed at the Knecht Cup on Saturday and Sunday on the Cooper River in Camden, N.J. The second varsity eight placed fifth out of 28 boats and the varsity eight finished 13th out of 31 boats.

On Saturday, the varsity eight placed second out of five boats in its opening heat to qualify for the semifinals with a time of 6:52.67. Duke (6:40.06) placed first, while Rutgers (6:56.24) finished third, Patriot League opponent Colgate (7:03.01) placed fourth and Fordham (7:12.92) finished fifth. The Crusaders (6:49.96) then placed fifth out of six boats in the semifinals, while Wisconsin light weight (6:40.81) placed first, Dayton (6:43.28) finished second, Old Dominion (6:44.21) placed third, West Virginia (6:44.70) placed fourth and UMass (7:01.75) placed sixth. On Sunday afternoon, the Crusaders won the third-level final with a time of 6:40.05 as they defeated Rutgers (6:42.18), Delaware (6:46.23), New Hampshire (6:47.64), UMass (6:50.03) and UConn (6:55.72). 

The second varsity eight qualified for the semifinals by placing third out of six boats in its opening heat on Saturday with a time of 6:59.66. Boston College (6:52.26) placed first, while Temple (6:59.24) finished just in front of the Crusaders. Old Dominion (7:06.31) placed fourth, New Hampshire (7:12.91) finished fifth and Rutgers "B" (7:34.93) placed sixth. The Crusaders (6:49.83) then qualified for the grand final by placing second out of six boats in the semifinals as they finished behind Patriot League opponent Bucknell (6:49.31) in a very close race. Buffalo (6:57.90) finished third, Wisconsin light weight (7:00.34) placed fourth, Old Dominion (7:07.70) finished fifth and Miami (7:33.87) placed sixth. Then on Sunday afternoon, the Crusaders placed fifth in the grand final with a time of 6:50.83. Bucknell (6:45.82) earned the title, while Duke (6:46.79) placed second, Boston College (6:47.98) finished third, Kansas (6:50.52) placed fourth and Drexel (6:51.84) finished sixth. The fifth place showing continues the second varsity eight's strong season as it also has two first-place finishes and one second-place finish during the spring season.

The varsity four placed third out of six boats in its heat on Saturday with a time of 8:24.88 as the boat did not qualify for the semifinals. Loyola won the heat with a time of 8:08.42 followed by UConn (8:12.15). The Crusaders finished before George Mason (8:28.85), Dayton (8:31.63) and Robert Morris "B" (9:18.39). 

The Crusaders return to action when they race versus Colby, Connecticut College, Ithaca and William Smith on Saturday, April 21, on Lake Quinsigamond.

Holy Cross varsity eight: Amanda Woodgate (coxswain), Aleks Torres, Kate Broderick, Catherine Roy, Meaghan Pedlow, Mollie Sydlowski, Beth Charron, Kate Diggins, Jackie Hanna.

Holy Cross second varsity eight: Kristina Giangrande (coxswain), Bridget Schirripa, Lauren Carlo, Kelsey Marakovits, Simone Blanchard, Jackie Esperti, Adrienne Randall, Abbey Wilkman, Sally Quinn.

Holy Cross varsity four: Jill Sollazzo (coxswain), Elizabeth Tobey, Samantha Granison, Ali Finn, Kiley McLean.