Crusaders Take On Bates, Rochester, Trinity, Wellesley & WPI

Varsity Eight

WORCESTER, Mass. – The Holy Cross women’s rowing team competed against Bates, Rochester, Trinity, Wellesley & WPI on Lake Quinsigamond on Sunday morning. The Crusaders participated in three races as they finished second in the novice eight, third in the varsity eight and fourth in the second varsity eight.

The varsity eight race was won by Bates (7:12.6), followed by Trinity (7:17.8), Holy Cross (7:20.4), Rochester (7:28.4), Wellesley (7:34.6) and WPI (7:38.5).

Trinity (7:25.9) took the second varsity eight race as Bates (7:33.0) placed second, followed by Wellesley (7:40.1), Holy Cross (7:40.4) and Rochester (8:04.9).

The novice eight race was won by Trinity (7:44.3), followed by Holy Cross (8:00.9), Rochester (8:09.2), Wellesley (8:12.3), Bates (8:36.3) and Wellesley (8:52.9).

The Crusaders return to action On April 17, when they will race versus Connecticut College, Ithaca, Tufts, Wesleyan and Williams on Lake Quinsigamond.

Holy Cross varsity eight: Claire Scherer, Aleks Torres, Beth Charron, Catherine Roy, Monika Mangsen, Meaghan Pedlow, Mollie Sydlowski, Eliza Gettel, Kate Broderick.

Holy Cross second varsity eight: Amanda Woodgate, Callie Gorman, Mara Piltin, Katherine Byrns, Abigail Hammond, Jackie Esperti, Mary Kate Cullen, Odet Douglass, Ashley Fish.