NCAA Run Comes to End for Women's Basketball Team

March 19, 2007


Box Score

RALEIGH, N.C. - Abby Waner scored 26 points to lead the first seeded Duke past Holy Cross, 81-44, in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament Sunday night at the RBC Center.

The outcome of tonight's game will probably be one of the last things that Holy Cross will remember years down the road.

The memorable moments include freshman Bethany O'Dell scoring a team-high 19 points in her first NCAA appearance and senior Brittany Keil (Sparta, N.J.) scoring her 1000th career-point in her last NCAA appearance.

"For her (Keil) to get there is a great testament to my kids," head coach Bill Gibbons said. "Gail Goestenkors showed a lot of class and went to the 2-3 zone. I always have respect for Gail, but today it grew ten-fold. I am rooting for Duke to win it all because of the class they showed. That was a lot of class for them to help Brittany, and when they went to the zone she still had to earn the points. I am so proud of Brittany."

Keil needed seven points to reach 1000 going into tonight's game. She didn't have any points at the conclusion of the first half, but was able to score one from the line and two from the long range in the second half to become the 24th Crusader in the history of Holy Cross women's basketball to score 1000 career-points.

"She has given so much as a captain and a teammate and classmate to this program, senior Kaitlin Foley (Albany, N.Y.) said about Keil. "To have our freshman telling people where to go on the court to get Brittany the shot shows the impact she has had on players. She has had some physical issues with her knee and she stuck it out."

The Crusaders ended their season long roller coaster ride tonight.

"It's been a whirlwind season," Foley said. "Although we took a few steps forward and a few steps back, we all hung in there together. We really came together as a team dealing with the challenges and as a senior I couldn't ask for more from my team and my coaching staff."

"This team showed me a lot," said Gibbons. "The future looks bright for Holy Cross and we can build on this. We have a good nucleus and I can't wait to get started for next year. What looked like one of my worst seasons turned into one of my best."