Postgame Quotes

March 8, 2006

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(ref. opening statement)
"That was a tough locker room I had to go into tonight. This group was a team in every sense of the word and I couldn't be prouder of them."

"This was a heartbreaking game for us, but a great game to be a part of. The environment provided by the cadets was one of the best I've ever been in."

"I think the crowd won the game for them, we were up by 11 and the crowd kept them up and helped them back into the game. I'm a very big proponent of the highest seed hosting, and Army earn the right to host with their play throughout the season."

"Maggie's done a great job here with these girls. She brings a lot of energy to her program and has a great supporting staff. She has some great kids here and they really embraced her system."

"Army will represent the Patriot League very well in the NCAA Tournament."

"I should of called `power top' that's where we get it to Bush, that way Keil is coming to the ball, that's the play I'll see over and over again in my sleep tonight"

(ref. defensive play by Stone at the end of the game)
"It was a great defensive play on her part. We gave it all we got. Army is a well-coached team, and we knew this game was going to come down to the wire."

(ref. the atmosphere provided by cadets)
"It was a great atmosphere for a championship game. This is the type of crowd you want to play in front of for a conference title."

(ref. Cara Enright)
"She is a great player and had an amazing tournament. He slowed her down tonight but her team picked her up and we had trouble rotating and switching up on defense when that happened."

(ref. being up 11 and allowing Army to come back)
"That's plagued us all year, I kept telling our team, don't relax, keep it up, keep it going one more time, for one more game."

"We just didn't pick up in transition. We didn't cover the weak side and they were able to skip the ball and find the open man."

(re: opening statement)
"This is a special group. To give them a chance to play in the NCAAs is just a great feeling. When I came here, I wanted to help change the perceptions of this place and show people what we can accomplish here.

"I told the players before the game that I didn't want to see Holy Cross cut down the nets on our court."

(re: foul to give with :05 left in the game)
"That's what we were all screaming on the sidelines. I guess they didn't hear me."

(re: team's mental state down the stretch)
"I told the team in the huddle that we've been here before. We've been down 11 before and fought back, just value each possession."

(re: turning point of the season)
"I think it was the Baylor game. The (players) had a different feeling about them. That was the big turnaround for me. Also, at Navy. That was a big game and we went down there and won."

(re: others stepping up when Enright scores only eight points)
"We are successful when everyone gets involved. It's easy for everybody else to stand around and watch Cara.

"We prepared for the triangle-and-two a little bit. But, I told the kids that it doesn't matter what (Holy Cross) does. It's what we do that matters."

(re: head coach Maggie Dixon)
"I love the energy that coach brings to practice every day. She never gives up on us."

(re: support of the cadets during the tournament)
"It was great to see all of the cadets out there (on the court after the game). They've given us so much support throughout the year and the tournament. They have really been great."

(re: steal with eight seconds left)
"Megan Vrabel tipped it a little, and I just went after the loose ball."

(re: two foul shots at the end of the game)
"I was nervous on the first shot. I was shaking a little. But, I always tell myself that I'm gonna make it. I just took a deep breath to calm down."