Off The Court With Amy Lepley

Nickname Given To You By Your Team: Ames/Aimz

Favorite Pregame Song to Listen to: "One Shining Moment"

Favorite TV Station: ABC

Favorite Vacation Spot: Westerly, RI

Favorite Sports Arena: UVA

Favorite Sports Mascot: Crusader

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Favorite Food to Bring on Road Trips: Mrs. Ward's Magic Cookie Bars

Favorite Meal at Kimball: Flaky Herb Chicken

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

I'm Most Afraid Of: The words "on the line…go"

When I'm Nervous I: Shake my legs and bite my nails

Best Coach Gibbons Quote: "Welcome to Division 1"

Best Word to Describe Your Team: Eclectic/Hilarious

Athlete You Looked Up to as a Kid: Diana Taurasi

Hardest Class Taken At Holy Cross: Principles of Analysis

Your Major and Why You Chose It: My major is math and I am part of the Teacher Education Program. I have always wanted to be a high school teacher and coach, and I found that I like the objectivity of math and I love to be a problem solver.

Best Part About Being a Holy Cross Student-Athlete: Having so much fun with my team and receiving a well-respected education