Off The Court With Meredith Ward

Nickname: Murda, Mere

Favorite Musician: Usher, Jessica Simpson

Favorite Song: Yeah by Usher, With You by Jessica Simpson

Favorite Actor: Channing Tatum

Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball

Favorite TV Show: Law & Order: SVU

Favorite Sport other than the one you play at Holy Cross: Soccer

Favorite Sports Figure: Diana Taurasi, LeBron James

Favorite Spot on Campus: 420 Williams Apartments

Favorite Thing to do on Bus Trips: Just relax and hang with the team

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: To cook

Craziest Ambition: Run a marathon

Dream Job: WNBA basketball coach

Person I Admire Most: My Grandfather

Most Influential Person in My Life: My Sister

Best Word to Describe Me: Spunky

Thing I am Most Thankful for: The family and friends that I have

Favorite Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

Advice to Young Athletes: Listen, learn, motivate yourself, work hard and cherish every moment because it all goes by so fast

Why I Chose Holy Cross: The team made me feel like I belonged here