Off The Field With John O'Hanlon

Nickname: Johno or Johnny Bananas

Favorite Musician: Kid Cudi    

Favorite Book: I hope they serve beer in hell 

Favorite Song: Up up and away, Kid Cudi

Favorite Actor: Jason Day       

Favorite Movie: Hall Pass       

Favorite TV Show: The League          

Favorite Magazine: GQ

Favorite Sport other than the one you play at Holy Cross: Football

Favorite Sports Figure: Kobe Bryant    

Before I Came to Holy Cross, I'd Never Heard of: the word wicked

Pre-Game Routine: Listen to Music      

Favorite Thing to do on Bus Trips: Sleep

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: Justin Bieber

Title of My Autobiography: Mr. Cute

Favorite Web Site: Facebook

Person I Admire Most: Ryan O'Hanlon

Best Word to Describe Me: Cute

Favorite Quote: "If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes."

One Person from History I Would Like to Have Dinner with: Jesus

Most Famous Person I've Met: Yao Ming

Advice to Young Athletes: Don't stop