Rowing Update From The Coaching Staff

April 12, 2007

Greetings from the chilly waters of Lake Quinsigamond. The Holy Cross Rowing team has begun racing despite the very windy and cold weather we've been experiencing.

On March 24th the Women traveled to Rhode Island to take on URI and Rutgers. It was obvious we hadn't used the boats since spring break. Both the Varsity 8 and the 3rd Varsity 8 experienced equipment problems which dropped one rower out of the race before the 500 meter mark. Despite racing with only seven rowers, both boats stayed competitive but finished behind URI & Rutgers. The 2nd Varsity had a great race and went down to the wire with Rutgers. After that we loaded up the trailer and headed for Cherry Hill, NJ to meet up with the Men for a race on Sunday. On Sunday, the Women raced Villanova. The Varsity 8 finished about a boat length ahead after taking the lead from the start. The 2nd and 3rd Varsity boats finished 3rd and 4th in the varsity race.

That same day the men competed against Georgetown, St. Josephs's and Loyola. In the men's varsity 8 race, Holy Cross jumped out to a lead off the start but was unable to hold and finished second behind Georgetown and ahead of St. Joe's as did the light 8, and the 2nd varsity 8. The team showed a great deal of strength, but, we were certainly hindered by our lack of practice with ice still on Lake Quinsigamond.

The ice finally broke on Friday, March 30th. We were actually able to practice once before we raced again. On the 24th the Men's Varsity 8 fought seat for seat all the way down the course with Wesleyan losing by a deck at the very end and beating Coast Guard. All the other HC men's boats won their event. The women varsity 8 lost to Coast Guard and beat Mt. Holyoke and Wesleyan. All the other women's boats won their events. Again, we need some quality water time.

We started a week of practice on the water on April 2nd. The week was incredibly cold and brutally windy. We've battled wind chills in the single digits. We headed into the third weekend of racing with at least some but little water time.

On Saturday, April 7, the Men's team traveled to Boston and raced Columbia and MIT. The varsity 8 again had a tremendous race losing to Columbia by only 3 seconds and beating MIT. The 2nd varsity 8 had one of those races that the bowballs stayed right next to each other for the entire 2000 meters. The Crusaders held their composure and won by .02 seconds.

On the very same day the Women raced Williams on Lake Quinsigamond. After a very strong start and a small lead through about 1000 meters, the boat fell to Williams, who won the NCAA DIII championship last year. The 2nd varsity won its race against Williams, Colby and Smith and the 3rd varsity beat Williams by more than 20 seconds.

After a very short Easter break (Sunday), we returned to Quinsig to prepare for the Knecht Cup in Cherry Hill, NJ. The weather gods are still not smiling on us... The cold and windy conditions continue and now the forecast is calling for a significant snowfall on Thursday. The athletes have been tremendous and are focused on being prepared to take on the incredible competition this weekend. Click here for a tentative schedule for the races this weekend. If you're in the Philly area, we'd love to have you come cheer us on. (Note the WV8, W2V8 and the MV8 heats are not correct yet since they have not been seeded.)

Wish us luck and please pray for warmer temperatures and calmer winds in Worcester!

-The Holy Cross Coaching Staff