Rowing Teams Host Event At Lake Quinsigamond

April 3, 2008


Race Report
By Lindsay Piotti, Program Administrator

The Holy Cross men's rowing season started off on the frigid morning of Saturday, March 29th, where the Crusaders faced Wesleyan University and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. After breaking through the ice that had covered lake Quinsigamond the previous week, the squad was excited for their first performance that had been a long time coming. Conditions were less than ideal as temperatures were right around freezing and the occasional snow flurry demonstrated though racing season had begun, it was not yet spring.

The men's varsity eight race was the first at the line. Though the Crusaders had a solid piece, they fell short of Wesleyan by three seconds, with a time of 6:09.5. The men's varsity eight crossed the line in second place, ahead of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. The varsity eight was lead by coxswain Scott Dube, stroke Adam Furlong, Mike Cutting, Erik Winstead, Dan McGlinn, Matt Grace, Wade Lucas, Chris Lynett, and bowman Chris Bratton. With just one solid week of practice on the water and the first race complete, the varsity eight squad was already looking forward to the following week of practice.

The men's second varsity eight, consisting of coxswain Chris Hayden, stroke Gaven Ehrlich, DJ Estes, Kevin Cummings, Garett Pearce, Will Bogdanowicz, Therry Therrien, Column Weiden, and Chris Sieck, finished their 2000 meter race in 6:16.2, just behind Coast Guard by 1.2 seconds, and beating Wesleyan by 3.9. It was a close race and the boat left confident that their performance was only the start of what is to come this season.

In the men's freshmen eight race, Holy Cross finished behind Wesleyan with a time of 6:44.7. The men's freshmen eight consisted of coxswain Mary Carol Madigan, stroke Grant O'Connell, Justin Howlett, Peter Haney, Neal Gallagher, Peter Sandrib, Matt O'Sullivan, Bobby Valenti, and bowman Bill Brekka. With 250 meters to go, the boat caught a boat-stopping crab which solidified their second place finish. While the boat took it in stride, they look to clean up their technique and improve for their next race.

The men's third varsity eight went up against Wesleyan and finished in second with a time of 6:42.5. The boat was competitive and focused in on their own race; they look to go even faster next weekend.

The men's fourth varsity four competed against Coast Guard's first varsity four. The four finished behind Coast Guard with a time of 6:50.

The Holy Cross men's rowing team moves into this week with a hungry edge, eager to compete against Columbia and MIT in Pelham, NY on Saturday, April 5, and against Dartmouth College in Worcester on Sunday, April 6.