Freshman Eight Defeats Boston College

WORCESTER, Mass. – The Holy Cross men's rowing team raced versus Boston College on Saturday on Lake Quinsigamond. The Crusaders won the freshman eight race with a time of 6:13.9 as the Eagles posted a time of 6:14.7, while Boston College placed first in the second freshman eight race with a time of 6:34.2 and Holy Cross tallied a time of 6:35.7.

The Crusaders return to action on Sunday, April 29, when they race versus Bucknell on Lake Quinsigamond at 10:30 a.m. Go here for the schedule.

Holy Cross freshman eight:
Eddie Ryan (coxswain), James LaVersa, Kyle Larkin, Alex Brandon, John Burke, David Cieremans, Carey Spanos, Andrew McNamara, Brian Clark.

Holy Cross second freshman eight: Patrick Sleight (coxswain), Nick Whalen, Tiarnan Doherty, Kevin Kessler, Connor May, James Cerra, Joveto De Carvalho, Chris Roy, Tyler Smith.