Leader Of The Pack

Douglas Broussard

By Amy Martin
Special to GoHolyCross.com

There are many ways college athletes would like to be remembered after they have graduated. Perhaps they would like to be remembered as a great leader, some others as members of their "all-league" teams, or maybe as a captain. Senior defender Douglas Broussard of the men's lacrosse team matches all of the above. But when asked how he believes he will likely be remembered on the team, he says, "as a vocal guy." Broussard goes on to say that along with his "unconventional style," his vocal leadership skills have helped him make a name for himself on the field. "I'm not the tallest, so I have to make up for with aggression and anticipation," Broussard explained.

Holy Cross men's lacrosse coach, Adam Pascal stated of his senior, "Doug has been a tireless worker and leader by both example and voice. His enthusiasm is evident in not only how he plays the game, but how his teammates react and follow him says the most." This reaction from his teammates is evident as Broussard was voted as captain of this year's team. For Broussard this was a huge honor, "It's very good, I really take it to heart that people would choose me as their leader. It means a lot coming from your peers to be that status, both on and off the field. It's not just, 'He's good on the field lets make him captain.' It shows a lot of character, and it is fun watching the younger kids grow."

In addition to being honored for his leadership, Broussard has been recognized for his talents on the field.  In the 2010 season Broussard was named to the All-Patriot League second team. Only the fourth Crusader to be named to a post season Patriot League team, Broussard took great pride in the honor, but also used it as motivation. "It was an honor to have other coaches come up to me after games and say, 'Great job…I know your name…we have to game-plan for you.'" Broussard went on to say that, "It means a lot to be part of a tradition and to start a new tradition here." He also admits that he was a little disappointed that he wasn't placed on the first team, "I really want that first team this year."

Over the course of four years Broussard says it is the camaraderie of his teammates that he will remember the most, "We have a bunch of fun. We've had some good times. It makes going to practice and being in the locker room very easy. It's challenging coming from the bottom of Division I to prove people wrong."

In his teammates Broussard draws motivation, "I'm a people pleaser, so I just do my best to try and try to make my teammates better." Pascal agreed that this is one of Broussard's greatest assets, "I think it is Doug's honest personality that draws everyone in, you know what you are going to get and it's going to be done with heart and done right"

Through all their hard work in the weight room, motivation from each other and desire to rise from the bottom, Broussard shared that the men's lacrosse team has some big goals as a team this season to accomplish. "Our biggest goal would be to make the Patriot League tourney and go at least .500. That's been my goal since freshman year, and we have a chance this year."

And, with a leader like Broussard, Pascal has no doubts that they will find success this season, "As a player he is one of the best I have coached. Doug plays the game the right way, full speed, full of heart and having a ton of fun."

Men's lacrosse opens the season on Saturday, Feb. 19, against St. John's at the Hart Turf Field at noon. Go here to follow the game.