Boston College Postgame Quotes

March 29, 2008

MARCH 29, 2008

Head Coach Jerry York, Senior Defenseman Mike Brennan

Opening Statement
When you get to these NCAA Tournaments, the games become more interesting and certainly harder to play. You've got a class of WCHA and Hockey East, two programs that have played each other for years and years, so I think the anticipation of the games is more exciting. Tonight I thought we had a terrific first period, we really started quick and we made really good plays. The second period, it was all Gophers. We did so well in the first period to make good plays, played good defense, have the puck an awful lot. They did that to us in the second period that set us back on our heels. The third period, we were very strong, I thought we got back to what we did in the first period, and we were much more assertive. It was an interesting scenario when the goal was put back on the scoreboard and erasing our goal and put the time back up, that's a really precarious situation to us back in. If they scored a goal and made it 4-3, all the momentum switches. The game certainly became a game in doubt for the last three and a half minutes. I'm very pleased with how we responded and played and I'm very proud of our club.

Can you explain how your team over the years has been able to play so well in the middle of March?
I feel it's a combination of coming together at the right time, and the coaching staff and guys in the locker room being willing to make a run as a collective group.

Did you get a chance to see the tail end of the Miami and Air Force game and what do you think of Miami?
We were able to see the end of overtime and we know they're a good team, but I think if we capitalize on our chances and play tight defense like we did tonight I think we'll be ok.

Could you talk about the line of Matt Greene, Benn Ferriero and Joe Whitney?
They're really making some good plays. I think the key is Matty Greene. He skates so well, he's such a powerful skater, he makes Joey and Benny just play at a higher pace. He forces those two to play. I think both Joey and Benny like to player a slower type game, more methodical, but I think Matty makes them skate. When he gets them to skate, I think they're much better players.

Discuss how your best players kept picking up the game.
The key is we have a lot of "best players." We've developed a lot of really great players in our program. Our best players are becoming more, but if you have two you can't make it happen.

What is it like to be the only Eastern team standing?
It's really important for us to carry the banner. We're going to do the best we can. We represent BC first and foremost, Hockey East second and of course Eastern hockey. There's been too many from the West for our liking.

What concerns you about Miami?
We've seen them the last couple of years. We've watched their goalkeeper getting better and better and of course, we've watched [Ryan] Jones become one of the best players in the country. They're just well coached and a good club.

What concerned you about finishing the first period only up 1-0?
I knew it wasn't going to be easy, we had some really good chances to score but it was still 1-0.

Discuss what you felt you did best as far as the definition of Eagle hockey?
I think we shared the puck very well. We managed the puck and made some really good decisions with the puck. That's part of being a good team.

Was there ever a point where you said, "We have to win this again?"
There was no question, when we got together during the time out, that's exactly what we said - we got to win another game. We went through two lines in the last 3:29 of that period. They had good puck possession and made it six on five in the end. It was a really great game.