Holy Cross-North Dakota Postgame Quotes

March 25, 2006

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Holy Cross
Coach: Paul Pearl
Players: Tyler McGregor, Jon Landry

Jon, talk about UND's power play.
Landry: They have really good individual talented players. And any time you put five players that have that much talent on the ice together, you know their going to have a pretty powerful power play.

Did you feel you guys played even with UND?
McGregor: They're a very talented team. Unfortunately I don't feel we gave a good effort, I don't feel we brought our best game tonight. We had a few untimely penalties, myself included. I feel like on a better night for us we could have come in there, I don't know how they feel their effort was, but I feel pretty confident that the two teams that were on the ice tonight would have been pretty even on another night.

Coach, what were your overall thoughts on the game.
PearL: I thought that in the first period we didn't necessarily come out and play well at all. The second and third period I thought we started to...obviously they have a very good power play, it wasn't necessarily what they were doing on the power play as much as kind of out manning us in front of the net. Over all I thought we gave a great effort tonight I thought at times we skated with them.

When it was 2-1 late in the second period did you think that whoever gets the next goal was really going to be in good position?
Pearl: I was trying to tell our players don't worry about the clock. I guess in a round about way we were.

Considering the youth of North Dakota what do you think their chances are in the Frozen Four?
Pearl: I think their chance is very good. I don't know if youth is will hurt them at all. Those kids are players, they get up and down the sheet really good and they do a great job of going to the net. We don't have the biggest defensemen in the world...a bunch of 5'10" kids that are pretty good with the puck.

North Dakota
Coach: Dave Hakstol
Players: Matt Smaby, Jonathan Toews, Jordan Parise

Matt, what did you do in order to get in front of the net on power plays and score a goal tonight.
Smaby: The power play before (my goal), coach Eades told me to get right in front of the goalie. So that was what I was trying to do. (Drew Stafford) forced the puck down low and I pick-pocketed the guy. I tried to put it on net and it went in.

Jonathan, is there any reason why you have been playing so well lately?
Toews: I can't really explain it. I think things are going well and just clicking sometimes. ... Getting Drew (Stafford) back on my line, he and Ryan Duncan are playing great together.

Coach, what were your overall thoughts on the game.
Hakstol: It was a battle out there, right down to the final buzzer. ... I'm very, very proud of our hockey team. We took another step forward tonight. ... We're very excited to be headed to Milwaukee. Come Monday, we'll start to prepare for that. We certainly aren't just happy to be going there.

Why do you think you have had success recently, after being up-and-down early in the season?
Hakstol: We didn't do anything different. This is a team of development. ... With this team the chemistry clicked in after the St. Cloud (State) series here at home. Sometimes adversity pushes you one way or the other. For this team, it pushed us in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on Holy Cross?
Toews: There's no way we took (Holy Cross) lightly. It was great to get that first goal. It relaxed us a bit. ... We knew they weren't going to stop playing even though we were up 3-1. They can back, but I think we responded when it was 3-2.

Jordan, how has the team developed recently?
Parise: Our team has gone on an up-slope and we just keep getting better. Personally, I just try to keep up with the guys. They've been playing extremely well. I've had to elevate my game in order to keep up with theirs. ... I work extremely hard and these guys push me to work extremely hard and I try to stay after it as much as possible. ... This is a real special group of guys. We have the ability to motivate each other real well. They've done a tremendous group motivating me to be the best that I can be this year.