Holy Cross-Minnesota Postgame Quotes

March 24, 2006

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Holy Cross
Coach: Paul Pearl
Players: Tyler McGregor, Tony Quesada

Opening Statement
Pearl: I thought we played pretty well. There was probably four or five instances where they overwhelmed us in our zone, but we did a really nice job in those times. ... I thought one of the keys tonight was how well we played in the neutral zone, because they come with so much speed. ... We had some nice goals. We have some good players and some skilled kids, who were able to get in positions to make skilled plays.

Tyler, describe your goal, the game-winning goal.
McGregor: I was actually looking for my linemate streaking to the net. I got real fortunate when the pass across hit the inside of the defenseman's foot. It just came right back to my stick.

What was the first thing that went through your mind when it went in the net?
McGregor: It was pretty crazy. I saw a bunch of guys coming at me and I tried not to get killed. It was great. It was a real relief. We were pretty confident all day. But I have to say that once it happened, it was pretty cool.

How did it feel making your second NCAA playoff appearance?
Quesada: Tonight coming in a second time, we knew what to expect. ... Last time it was kind of a Super Bowl for us with all the media and the attention. This year we came in with the intentions of winning the game and I think we proved tonight that we are capable of doing that.

Tony, how would you grade your performance?
Quesada: I was actually pretty surprised. I feel like I didn't have the best game or that I was challenged as much as I expected coming into tonight. Going against a team with all that offensive firepower, I expected I would have to make a ton of stops. ... When you get four goals of support against a team like that, it makes it a lot easier.

Can you think of a bigger upset in the history of college hockey?
Pearl: My history is probably no as good as it should be.

How do you get your team back on an even keel?
Pearl: Well, after we had a bit of a celebration in the locker room, you know, it's just another game. We've been talking about that already. You know, it's just another game. Our motto has been that we want to have something to do tomorrow. Now we do. We lived another day. Now, I guess, our motto will have to be that we want to practice on Tuesday.

Coach: Don Lucia
Players: Gino Guyer, Chris Harrington

Opening Statement
Lucia: First I'd like to congratulate Holy Cross. I thought they played terrific. I knew when you asked Chris (Harrington) the question I don't think we overlooked them one bit. We did not spend one ounce of preparation, on anybody but Holy Cross. We talked about how they had a veteran team, talked about they had 10 guys who played against North Dakota two years ago when North Dakota won the McNaugton Cup and it was 3-0 game and they were right there to the end. So I don't think that was the case at all. I think for whatever reason the last three weeks we didn't play very well. I shouldn't say very well, but we lost the emotion. And I think Chris summed it up when he said he felt no emotion. This time of the year, you need to feel emotion. So for whatever reason, these last few weeks, are team lacked it and was not able to regain it. We had guys that had played so well through that streak. And then we went into that first weekend against Anchorage and didn't play particularly well, and then last weekend we didn't play very well, so for whatever reason our team lost it at the end and it was pretty evident. I think tonight they tried, they battled. I think Holy Cross played very well it obviously disappointing for us, but the reality is their win tonight was good for college hockey. Boston College we talked about won by a goal last year and Denver beat Bemidji in overtime a year ago on their way to the National Title. These leagues are getting better and it's no different you get into one game shots, like the NCAA basketball tournament, that's what makes it special...and that's what makes it special for Holy Cross and they came in and they were able to get the first goal and basically fight their way through 2 ½ periods. I thought once we scored to get up 3-2 that okay now maybe we can put it behind us but we weren't able to do that and that was the first lead we had in three games and it ended in a loss. I really felt tonight would dictate, even if we had won the game it would have been hard for us to win tomorrow.

What happened in the final play?
Harrington: They got a 3-on-2 and they tried to pass it across and it hit our defensemen's skate and went right back to the guy and it was pretty much and empty net...pretty simple.

Has it (the loss) sunk in yet?
Guyer: I'm still kind of in shock a little bit. I can't even believe that happened.I can't describe it.

What did you talk about in the locker room before the overtime?
Guyer: We were there for each other. Who was going to be the guy to get the goal and we knew we had enough fire power to score a goal in overtime. They came down on the 3-on-2 and they got a little bounce and then get a goal, anything can happen in overtime.

Chris, do you think you guys overlooked Holy Cross?
Harrington: Personally no, and I would say no for the rest of the team. There's no way we can, it's a one and done deal, and there's no way you can overlook a team.

What do you think happened the last couple of months? Up until the last couple of weeks, did you just run out of gas?
Lucia: I don't know, it's a good question. It reminded me of my 95' CC team when the big battle cry was get to the NCAA tournament. Get there, get there, get there. And when they got there they were emotionally flat. and for whatever reason you see it in teams. I remember being in Madison and North Dakota probably had the best team when Blake and those guys were seniors and I remember those guys coming off the ice with blank stares after they got beat and again walking into our locker room tonight we had obviously some guys with tears and devastated, but then you have some guys with that blank look.