Boston College Postgame Press Conference Quotes

MARCH 29, 2014

Head Coach Jerry York, Junior Forward Johnny Gaudreau, Senior Forward Kevin Hayes

Opening Statement:
York: “I’ve said many times to our players that winning is very difficult, winning is very hard and when you can achieve that goal, you should be very proud of it. I thought we defeated a championship team in Denver. When you win your conference title that speaks a lot for how good a club you are. If you have a title in your hand going anywhere, that is the mark of a good club. We started very, very quickly. We got some terrific play out of Billy Arnold’s line. [They] have been our mainstays through their careers and I thought tonight they were really sharp, moved pucks well. But, just as importantly, [they] competed really hard coming back and playing good defense. I thought our goaltender was strong. I thought Thatcher [Demko] was very, very solid in goal. We talked before about the game and coming into a tournament, first time I’ve done this in the NCAA tournament with nine freshmen that have never experienced this before. They were scattered throughout our lineup, but they really learned an awful a lot about NCAA competition tonight watching the leadership of this particular line here.”

On whether the goal was to have a big night offensively:
Hayes: “I think it was just working the way it did. Luck was definitely involved, pucks were definitely bouncing our way. Just playing with these two other guys [Bill Arnold  and Johnny Gaudreau] the game is pretty simple. Billy Arnold, everyone knows and everyone says, the way he plays defense is incredible. He’s always back, he’s always in the right spot. Playing with Johnny, just give Johnny the puck and something nice is going to happen.”
Gaudreau: “I’m just kind of excited to play the game… I didn’t want to send Kevin [Hayes] and Billy [Arnold] out of their [Boston College] careers without a good run for this championship, and that’s what pushing me. Just trying to just improve and get them a national championship. Getting to play with these two guys, it’s been a fun year. It’s hard not to produce on the score sheet when you’re playing with Kevin and Bill.”

On the motivation level going into this game, after losing to Notre Dame in the Hockey East Tournament:
Hayes: “it was rough losing to Notre Dame. They’re a great team. Not being able to play in the Garden kind of hit everyone hard. I thought the coaches did a great job the last two weeks getting the guys ready. The motivation, like coach says, is we have nine freshmen and we want to show them how it’s done and I think they got a pretty good taste of how hard they have to play.”
Gaudreau: “I think Kevin said it pretty well… Just trying to show these younger guys how important it is every single game, every single period, every single shift. You need to come ready 100 percent, and I think that was the motivation. Just trying to show those younger guys how important it is every shift you go out.”

On how big it was just to make a quick statement in a game like this:
Gaudreau: “Like coach said, Denver is a great team, they won their conference. We obviously had to show up in the first period… With nine guys in the lineup, we needed a big statement from our first line showing how important it is to start the game off right.”
Hayes: “It was nice to get the start and get out there and get the puck deep. I know Billy [Arnold] fore-checked and kind of caused some commotion and Johnny [Gaudreau] was left open in front and it kind of got the guys going. It’s always nice to score on the first shift, so it was kind of our motivation for the rest of our team.”

On his familiarity with Denver head coach Jim Montgomery, and what he expected defensively from Denver:
Gaudreau: “I didn’t really know what they were going to throw at me, but I know he’s a great coach… I didn’t know too much about Denver, but I knew that if he coached the way he coached our team in [the] USHL they were going to be a good team, and they were a good team. It was a good showing by our team.”

On whether it was just a matter of Boston College doing what they do:
Gaudreau: “Definitely. We had a lot of practice throughout these two weeks.  I think we focused on the things that made us lose against Notre Dame, and I think we corrected them. And I think it showed tonight how we corrected them through practices this last month.”

On the team's opening aggression after being shut down by Notre Dame:
York: “I thought actually we played pretty well against Notre Dame. The Sunday game, I thought, was perhaps our finest game of the last couple months. A hot goaltender and pipes kept us off the scoreboard there. I thought the third game in three days we played pretty well. I just think that, we want to be aggressive but you can’t be too aggressive because if we stay out of the fore-check the puck is going to come out of the end.”

On the success of the first-line:
York: “We can play them a lot more minutes because of the [television] timeouts. Two minute timeouts three times a period, so our game plan was to at least play them 24 minutes. I think they exceeded that, but at the end we sat them for the last six or seven minutes… You can’t do that during the regular season. I see sometimes with the basketball, teams play five most of the whole half because the same thing, a lot of [television] timeouts.”

On whether or not the team needs more balanced scoring:
York: “Well it is nice to have balanced scoring like we were just [talking] about for a little bit. If they are going to score goals, six is enough to win most hockey games… I love to see more balance on the score sheet, but I am not going to say don’t score. We want to have a good offense. If it happens to come from three players then it comes from three players. I think when they watch from the bench they can see some of the plays they make and how they protect pucks, it helps all of us.”

On Thatcher Demko’s first NCAA tournament game:
York: “I thought Thatcher [Demko] did not play fairly up to his standards in the last series [against Notre Dame]. I think it was really important to his confidence to have…a good game in goal. He is still only 18 years old, so this is a big step… He has had a really good year but all of a sudden when you get to the NCAA tournament, it is like…playing from the back tees on the golf course. You’re not on the friendly, up forward tees that I play. All of a sudden they move you way back because the competition gets a lot stronger, a lot tougher, and I thought Thatcher rose to the occasion tonight.”