Off The Ice With J.P. Martignetti

Name: J.P. Martignetti

Favorite Musician: Kenny Chesney

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby

Favorite Song: Summer of Love - Sunloverz

Favorite Movie: Despicable Me

Favorite TV Show: Entourage

Favorite Sport other than hockey: Horseshoes

Favorite Sports Figure: Mario Lemieux

Favorite Spot on Campus: Studying on the futon

Favorite Class at Holy Cross: Conflicts in the Church with Father Clarke

Before I Came to Holy Cross: I thought Crossroads was a song by Bone Thugs 'n Harmony

Pre-Game Routine: Listen to Nelly, beat Everett Sheen in warm up races

Favorite Road Trip: Denver Cup Tournament

Favorite Thing to do on Bus Trips: Sleep, listen to music

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: Sleeveless shirts

Craziest Ambition: Create a newer, better social network

Dream Job: Working with kids

Favorite Web Site: Facebook

Person I Admire Most: My Father

Thing I am Most Thankful for: My family

Favorite Quote: "The rent is due." - Ryan McGrath

One Person from History I Would Like to Have Dinner with: My great grandfather

Advice to Young Athletes: When you think you can't work any harder, it's that extra step that will get you to where you need to be.

Why I Chose Holy Cross: I like the amazing history, the atmosphere, the sense of community, and steep hills.