Boston College Postgame Press Conference Quotes

MARCH 28, 2010

Head Coach Jerry York, Sophomore Forward Cam Atkinson, Senior Forward Ben Smit

Opening statement:
“I thought Yale was as fine an offensive team as we have had a chance to play in the last few years.  Their stick skills and ability to score goals gave us all kinds of problems.  Offensively, they’re an excellent offensive team.  I think Keith (Allain) has done a terrific job where Timmy Taylor left off.  He’s done an amazing job.  The game was never over because of their skill factor and skill set.  We were looking at a pretty good lead and then all of a sudden we’re back protecting down the stretch.  But the games at the national level come in all different styles.  The goal is to win and advance and I’m very proud of our club and particularly our four seniors who have been unbelievable leaders and mentored our young guys.  As fine a group of seniors that I’ve coached at Boston College, and I’ve had some awfully good ones.  Cam (Atkinson) had gone through a dry spell with his line but they have been working hard and practicing hard.  But tonight, three from Cam, two from Joe (Whitney) and (Brian) Gibbons had one too.  It was great to see all the hats on the ice.  Unbelievable experience…  We’re looking forward to the Frozen Four and I’m very excited.”

On the game:
: “We had a lot of good and a lot of bad tonight. The good thing is we came out on the right side of it. 9-7 game, they are always a little scary, but especially with a team like Yale who is so good offensively. But it was just one of those nights where who can score the most goal and we did it.”

On the success of Boston College in the NCAA Tournament:
“I think what has been so successful is the players and the leaders we’ve had. And having that experience as freshmen and sophomores, it really helped our class and the junior class lead this team. We are moving in the right direction. Obviously seven goals let up, we have a lot to work on. But we are excited to move on to Detroit.”

On the recent struggles of his line and their performance tonight:
“I think we were just gripping the stick a little too tight the last four games. I think we were just trying to do it all by ourselves. We sat down today before the game and talked about what we needed to do and what we needed to work on. We just played our game today. Everyone executed.”

On Carl Sneep’s goal:
“That was a huge goal, a long goal as well. I’ve never seen that in college hockey. (It) definitely got us up from the bench. I think the momentum… just shifted right then and there.”

On Boston College’s ability to play an offensive and defensive style game:
“That’s going to help us as we move forward, being able to play both types of games. Being able to gut it out, like we did… yesterday against Alaska. And being able to use our offense and our firepower to win a 9-7 game.”

On the 9-7 score and the lack of defense:
  “Yale led the nation in scoring…  Highest scoring team in the country by far.  Our objective in the NCAA is to win and advance.  They don’t ask you if it was a pretty game.  Win and advance.  The games are always different.  I wish Yale wouldn’t have scored any goals, but they have a good club.  We were fortunate to score nine goals.  The games are all different.  I just want to win games.”

On John Muse:
“He competes well.  He probably wishes he had a few of those goals back.  That’s the part of him that wants to get better and better.  He analyzes games and watches film.  Fact is, he’s a winner and he’s going to the Frozen Four.  He’s really happy with the team.  John made some critical saves tonight and they had some phenomenal goals.”

On winning many different styles of games:
“We’ve recruited outstanding hockey players to BC.  In a nutshell, that’s why we’ve been so strong and successful.  You replace good players with good players.”

On the youth of the team and their big game experiences:
“It helps.  It’s different playing in front of different crowds (Fenway, TD Garden, and the DCU).  You can handle the jitters better when you have different experiences.”

On Cam Atkinson:
“He was a remarkable player at Avon Old Farms.  He played with some great players.  It’s an adjustment for a player coming out of prep school.  He’s coming from grade 12 to Hockey East.  We sat down in the spring and I thought he was better than his seven goals last season.  This year he’s raised his game and he has 27 goals.  He has to be considered one of the top players in the country. You cannot be a one line team at this level, (you) need depth.”

On preparing for Frozen Four:
“It’s always interesting.  We’ll look at the other Frozen Four runs.  We’ll certainly have some time off to rest and recuperate.  There’s been a lot of stress and tough difficult games to get to this point.  We’ll take some days off.  We missed Paul Carey out with the flu tonight.”

On the Ford Field experience:
“It’s going to be so different in a football stadium.  I’m not quite sure.  Fenway was cold and wind.  This will be inside, but it will be a situation where we’re going to want to practice a few times.  I’m a little concerned that we’ve never done this before.”

On Massachusetts hockey:
“Without question this will help.  We have many MA players on our club.  The youth programs have a much better talent level coming up.  When BC and BU are at the top of their game, kids aspire to play at that level.”

On putting teams away:
“Winning hockey games is putting teams away.  We’re very excited to continue that and we have two more games for a national title and we’d certainly like to achieve our goals this year.”