North Dakota Postgame Press Conference Quotes


MARCH 27, 2010

Head Coach Dave Hakstol, Senior Forward Darcy Zajac, Junior Defenseman Derrick LaPoint

Opening statement:
Hakstol: “Congratulations to Yale. They did a good job building a three goal lead and completing the game to move on to the regional final tomorrow. Quite simply on our part we picked a bad time of year to start poorly and we took a little too long to regain our style of game. We were able to do that after we scored the first goal in the third period, and get a little but more and a little bit better consistent play through that 20 minutes. It was a little too late on this day.”

On the third period:
“We just came up with a little more speed and (were) a little more physical. We were supporting the puck and we were supporting each other, and we were just getting back to our solid play, grinding down low and attacking the net, hoping that we would put two away.” 

On the slow start:
: “You can’t really put a finger on it. Some days you have it, some days you don’t, and obviously tonight we didn’t have it for the first two periods. It’s one of those things you can’t really plan for, you can’t really expect it. It’s mentally a slow start and they took advantage of it, down 3-0 on us. We can’t dig ourselves out of the hole. It’s one of those things where you don’t really plan for it, but sometimes it happens. Tonight was a bad night for it to happen.”

On Yale’s speed:
: “No, we looked at their style of game before, we broke it down. We knew they had a lot of speed and a lot of talent up front. They transition quick, and they just took advantage of that speed.”

On the penalty shot:
: “I just came down hoping to go low blocker as a shooter and hit the post, and obviously it was a crucial point in the game and I needed it to go in. In case next shift or a couple of shifts after they came back and scored. It would’ve been a huge momentum swing for us. (I’m) just disappointed I didn’t put it away.

On what the team did better in the third period:
“We got a puck in behind their goaltender… I don’t think we played very well in the first 40 minutes but we certainly had our opportunities. We had some good opportunities on power plays in the first 40 minutes. We couldn’t get a puck to go, we didn’t get a bounce. Some times you need a bounce to ignite you a little bit when you’re not on your toes. So I thought that was probably the biggest difference in the third period. But once Hextall’s goal went into the net it gave us a little bit extra life and put them back on their heels a little bit, and I guess put us back into the hockey game. There is not a drastic difference from those periods. But little things make big differences and we did some things poorly today that led to goals against… A lot of little things that opened up opportunities for Yale, and they are a good team and they took advantage of those opportunities.”

On expectations of who would start in goal for Yale:
“I had no expectations at all… We weren’t surprised I guess. That’s obviously a good call by Keith Allain. The young man (Rondeau) played well.”

On the game Yale played:
Hakstol: “I wasn’t surprised by anything they did. In fact, they played a real good hockey game. I said going in, they are a good team. They have a lot of skill and speed and they are tenacious. They didn’t do anything differently than what we expected. They played a good hockey game. We knew that they would.”