Dan Adams Online Chat Wrap

July 27, 2006

WORCESTER, Mass. - Holy Cross senior linebacker Dan Adams (Springfield, Va.) took part in an online chat as part of Patriot League Media Day on Tuesday, August 1. Adams was one of six players from the league to be featured, along with Colgate senior quarterback Mike Saraceno, Georgetown senior offensive lineman Liam Grubb, Lehigh junior quarterback Sedale Threatt, Lafayette senior offensive lineman Mike Saint Germain and Bucknell senior offensive lineman Stefan Niemczyk.

Here are all the questions and answers from Adams' chat.


Alexis Anderson (Atlanta, GA): Hi Dan. My name is Alexis. I went to North Atlanta High School. A kid from my school named Kenneth Flanders plays football up there. How is he as a person and an athlete? He was pretty good in high school and a nice guy but I am sure that he has developed into a great person and athlete. What do you think about him?

Dan Adams: He is by far one of the best looking kids on the team. He is passionate about football and excels in the classroom. He is an all around good football player.


Bill (Boston): Who would you say is the most under-rated player in the HC program?

Dan Adams: Its hard to say exactly who the most underated players is in a program of 105 players. THere are a lot of players that have worked real hard this offseason and there will be some players to emerge as productive players for our football program. Dominic Randolph and Joe Hogan are two of my teammates that have worked real hard and could have a huge impact on the outcome of games this season.


Worcester: How do you manage Holy Cross academics and your football schedule?

Dan Adams: Its tough without a doubt. A lot of people dont understand all the time that goes into being a football player in this league. In addition to all the football commitments you have a rigorous academic schedule. Things have to be sacrificed to be the best in both.


Jack Coffey: How does Holy Cross' depth chart look? Do you starters have good back ups? Who will be our starting quaterback ?

Dan Adams: The depth chart looks a lot better this year due to an increased amount of players. Guys can get rest if they need to during practice which could not have happened in the past. The depth should help with injuries and allow our team to be strong throughout the season. The quarterback situation will be resolved at the end of the camp with a starter to be named. Three players will be in the running


Mike Delong (Springfield): How is it playing for Coach Mcdonough? What type of Coach is he?

Dan Adams: Great guy. I am very fortunate to have him as a position coach. He is the type of guy that you can talk to about anything. I trust his advice and insight in every situation in my life, on and off the field. He was a real good football player when he played back in the day, so it's nice to follow in his footsteps.


John: You seemed to have bulked up a little - what is your training regimen like?

Dan Adams: I stay up in the summer and follow the regimen that Jeff Oliver, our strength trainer, outlines for us. The most important part, however, is the running and conditioning. If you want to be a good football player you have to run on a consistent basis. Stretching has also become a very important part to staying healhty and avoiding injury.


Joe (nyc): How do you overcome the loss of so much offense to graduation?

Dan Adams: Step it up on defense and give the offense every opportunity to be successful. We have a lot of young guys that will be filling in the roles of those that graduated. You will see a new team this year, however, hopefully just as successful and efficient as last year's team. The offense may end up carrying the defense the whole season. Just because their young does not mean they are not as capable.


Moderator: Thank you for participating in the chat. Good luck this season.

Dan Adams: It is an honor to be here and wish the best to all the patriot league teams. There are a l ot of great athletes in this league.


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