Holy Cross-Maryland

Jan. 8, 2008


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Maryland Head Coach Gary Williams
On tonight's game:
"James Gist and Greivis Vasquez really played like they can play. We needed both of them tonight and they did a great job for us. Them doing that allows Cliff Tucker to start that game very well and Landon Milbourne really stepped up in terms of aggressiveness. We had a good start out there because of the way those guys played. I think that's very important as we head into the last 15 games in the ACC. It was good to see. There was good leadership out there and I think the young guys stepped it up because they knew they had to without Eric Hayes. You have to give Holy Cross credit, they come to play and they obviously had some injuries tonight."

On the absence of sophomore Eric Hayes:
"I hope Eric Hayes can play on Saturday; that's what I'm counting on. I think he has a good shot to play Saturday. Both Cliff Tucker and Landon Milbourne have played quite a few minutes now in January, so I was glad to see them step up because they had to step up. When you use a player like Eric that's been averaging 35 minutes a game, you need to get those minutes from somewhere. Both Cliff and Landon did a good job playing for us tonight."

On the team's readiness for ACC play:
"We'll find out as we get in to league play, but we're a better team now than we were at Christmas. I know we're a better team than that. I think we've bought in a little bit more into playing as hard as we can for the length of the game. That's what's made us better. You should execute your offense as the year goes on and the young players should play with more confidence as they get minutes and I think that's happening."

Maryland Senior Bambale Osby
On how he thinks the team will fare in the ACC:
"If we play the way we've been playing the last few games, then we can definitely get some wins."

Maryland Senior James Gist
On the changes he has made since the team's loss to American:
"I apologized to Coach [Williams] for not doing what I was supposed to be doing. I felt like I failed the team for the first half of the season. I've come out with a lot more fire. I've gone harder and I'm ready to play every day. I know I have the help of all my teammates, but I feel like it all starts with me. I'm going to leave it all on the floor. These are my last few months and I don't want to go out making a statement. You're only as good as your last year."

Maryland Sophomore Landon Milbourne
On working with Cliff Tucker to fill in for Eric Hayes:
"Eric [Hayes]'s situation is unfortunate, but there will be injuries during the season, and guys need to step up. Things like that happen and others have to step up. We had a big night, and we're just trying to carry these wins over to the ACC."

On the team's readiness for conference play:
"We finally found the intensity we need and we just need to keep building on that. Everything happens for a reason and everything so far has made us stronger."

Holy Cross Head Coach Ralph Willard
Opening Statement:
"We knew Maryland was playing well coming into the game, I knew we would have some issues from starting a freshman point guard. I thought that they did a good job pressuring us and we turned the ball over an awful lot. I think that was a matter of not having the guys with experience we needed on the floor. Anytime you lose three out of your top six guys coming into a venue like this, you're going to have issues and we had a lot of issues, especially in the first half."

On Maryland sophomore point guard Greivis Vasquez
"He's over you, he knows how to play, he knows how to get the rest of the guys involved, which was one of the things we didn't want to let him do. We didn't want him and [James] Gist to get off, we wanted to let someone else beat us other than those two guys. He does a good job because he is so big, he does a lot of good things for them.

On how his team benefitted from this game:
"I don't know if we did or if we didn't. It gave the guys that don't play an opportunity to play when they otherwise wouldn't because of the three guys that are hurt, so that may have benefitted us. This was a tough trip. I think the only thing we gained out of this was that it gave some guys minutes that they ordinarily wouldn't get. We got some experience out of it, we played against a good team that will get after you and I think we learned a lot what not to do as much as what to do. It's tough to compete against a team like Maryland that will pressure you and get after you."