Holy Cross Coaches To Take Part In Shots From The Heart

BOSTON, Mass. – Holy Cross head men's basketball coach Milan Brown and assistant coach Dan Engelstad have announced that they will participate in Shots from the Heart, a project created by CollegeInsider.com to help raise awareness for the growing problem of heart disease. Brown and Engelstad will compete against other college basketball coaches from around the nation in a free throw shooting tournament, which will benefit the American Heart Association. The event will also pay tribute to the late Skip Prosser who passed away on July 26, 2007, of a heart attack.

"This is great way honor Skip [Prosser]," says Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg, who is one of the organizers of the event. "We need to do anything we can to create a greater awareness of heart disease. It is important to put this cause in the forefront and help find ways to generate a greater awareness of this crippling and potentially fatal condition."

The first round of the tournament will take place from Nov. 15-30 with winners advancing to the next round, which will be competed the following month. The event will conclude with a free throw final contested at the 2011 Final Four in Houston. Brown will face Ron Hunter of IUPUI in the first round, while Engelstad will take on Notre Dame's Martin Inglesby.

Coaches will not have to actually compete against each other on the same court. Each coach will shoot 25 free throws at his convenience. A member of the athletic department will tally the results and the coach with the most makes would advance. To avoid ties, 1-20 shots made are worth one point, shots 21-24 are worth two points and shot 25 is worth three points. There is one tournament for head coaches, and another tournament for assistant coaches.

"The idea was to create awareness for heart disease through competition," says CollegeInsider.com co-founder Angela Lento. "We wanted to create something that coaches could have fun with. The fun but competitive nature of this event is something that I am sure coach Prosser would have enjoyed."

Fans can follow the season-long event at www.collegeinsider.com/shots.

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