Vote For Torey Thomas For The Dutch All-Star Team

Torey Thomas

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands - Former Holy Cross standout Torey Thomas is currently playing in the Dutch Basketball League, and is a candidate to make the Dutch All-Star team. Playing for Matrixx Magixx Nijmegen, Thomas has averaged 16.8 points, 5.6 rebounds and a league-best 7.5 assists per game so far this year. Fans can vote for Thomas to make the All-Star team by clicking here.

Once on the site, you must select for a player at each position for both the North team (STAP 2: Noordelijk team) and the South team (STAP 3: Zuidelijk team) for your vote to be counted. Thomas is listed among the candidates at point guard for the South team. After you have chosen a player at each position, click on 'STAP 4: Verzend!' to submit your vote.