Off The Diamond With Matt Croglio

Matt Croglio
Nickname - Crogs
Favorite TV station - ESPN
Favorite Disney movie - Toy Story
Favorite Vacation Spot - Hilton Head, SC
Favorite Sports Arena - The Dome, Syracuse University
Favorite Mascot - Otto the Orange
Favorite Ice cream flavor - Cookie Dough
Favorite Road Trip Food - Dry Roasted Almonds
Favorite Meal at Kimball - Anything Breakfast
Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving
What You're Most Afraid of - My mothers wrath when I'm out of place
Actor Who Would Play You In a Movie - Clint Eastwood
Favorite Coach D Quote - "Zero Barrier"
Best word to descirbe the baseball team - Gritty
Favorite Athlete as a kid - Roger Clemens, guy's a bulldog
Hardest Class at Holy Cross - Advanced Accounting
Major at Holy Cross and why - Accounting, I'm good with numbers
Best part about being a student-athlete - Teammates and the bond between other athletes