Off The Diamond With John Colella

John Colella

Nickname Given To You By Your Team: JC
Favorite Pregame Song to Listen to: Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Favorite TV Station: ESPN
Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Vacation Spot: Old Silver Beach
Favorite Sports Arena: Fenway Park
Favorite Sports Mascot: Wally the Green Monster          
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip
Favorite Food to Bring on Road Trips: Powerbars
Favorite Meal at Kimball: Turkey Burgers
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
I'm Most Afraid Of: Drowning
When I'm Nervous I: Take a couple deep breaths and re-focus
Actor who would play you in a movie: Ryan Gosling
Best Coach DiCenzo Quote: "Our ultimate goal is to win the Patriot League and put a ring on your finger…This is a good start" (after beating Texas A&M)
Best Word to Describe Your Team: Family
Athlete You Looked Up to as a Kid: Tom Brady
Hardest Class Taken At Holy Cross: Montserrat freshman year (God, Country, and Citizenship)
Your Major and Why You Chose It: History, the classes are always interesting.
Best Part About Being a Holy Cross Student-Athlete: being on a team with all of your best friends.