Holy Cross Sports Medicine Staff

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The sports medicine staff at Holy Cross is composed of the Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer, three assistant athletic trainers and two intern athletic trainers. All staff has passed the exam set by the NATABOC (National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification) and has obtained at least a Bachelor's degree in athletic training (full time staff has obtained a Master's degree in a related field). Our staff is also approved by the state of Massachusetts licensure board, and continues their education by staying up to date with continuing education credit expectations set by the NATABOC.

In addition to the athletic training staff, the department has two orthopedic surgeons on staff who provide orthopedic coverage and act as a resource for coordinating the sports medicine referral system. Dr. Phil Lahey and Dr. Brian Busconi provide one clinic per week at our facility during the academic calendar year. These physicians are available immediately at most other times during the week. In addition they travel and cover football games and provide special services during tournament and playoff games. Dr. James Broadhurst isHoly Cross' team family practitioner. They provide team coverage for men's basketball and men's ice hockey, respectively. They also handle all other aspects of the sports medicine department's needs (i.e. yearly physicals).


Athletic Training

Name Title Phone Email
Anthony Cerundolo Head Athletic Trainer 508-793-2644 Email Cerundolo
Alicia Caswell Athletic Trainer 508-793-2627 Email Caswell
Carlos Faria Athletic Trainer 508-793-2627 Email Faria
Amanda Kelley Athletic Trainer 508-793-2627 Email Kelley
Wally Trisdale Athletic Trainer 508-793-2627 Email Trisdale
Becky Guzzo Assistant Athletic Trainer 508-793-2627 Email Guzzo
Marisa Visocchi Assistant Athletic Trainer 508-793-2627 Email Visocchi


Physicians & Specialists

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Jay Broadhurst Team Physician 508-842-6502  
Dr. Brian Busconi Team Physician 508-334-1290  
Dr. Philip Lahey Team Physician 508-755-1559  
Dr. Chris Vinton Team Physician 508-755-1208  
Dr. Dennis Arinella Opthalmologist 508-853-2020  
Dr. Rich Simitis Dentist 508-791-0943  
Dr. Ralph Iannuzzi ENT 508-757-0330  
Dr. Tom Breen Hand Specialist 508-334-5936  
Dr. Robert Blute General/Hernia 508-856-5295  
Ann Oberton Nutritionist 978-386-0183  


Other Important Numbers

Name Title Phone Email
Health South MRI   508-755-9100  
South County PT   508-832-2628  
UMass Memorial MRI   800-258-4274