Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How are gifts to the Crusader Athletics Fund different from gifts to the Holy Cross Fund?

  • The Crusader Athletic Fund raises current-use dollars restricted to varsity athletics (it does not raise money for capital projects or endowments). The Holy Cross Fund raises unrestricted current-use dollars for the College.

2. Do gifts restricted to the Crusader Athletics Fund “count” towards class fundraising totals?

  • Yes. All money raised through the Crusader Athletics Fund will be credited to class fundraising totals as a restricted annual gift. Crusader Athletics Fund dollars will not be credited toward an individual class’ Holy Cross Fund total, but will count in “Total Reunion Gift” for the class.

3. Will donors to the Crusader Athletics Fund also be credited as donors to the College and their class?

  • Yes. Any donor to the Crusader Athletics Fund will “count” as a donor to the College and their class, thus impacting alumni participation rates.

4. Can I restrict my gift to a specific sport?

  • Yes. Within the Crusader Athletics Fund, donors may make a gift to the Athletic Director's Fund for Athletics Excellence, a designation that provides support where it’s needed most, OR to any of the restricted athletic designations. The designations are**:

Field Hockey                                                        
Ice Hockey         
Swimming & Diving  
Track & Field 

** Due to Title IX legislation and gender equity concerns, gifts cannot be designated to a specific men’s or women’s team.