The Mission Statement of the Holy Cross Athletic Department:

The mission of the athletic department of the College of the Holy Cross is to promote the intellectual, physical, and moral development of students. Through Division I athletic participation, our young male and female student-athletes learn a self-discipline that has both present and long-term effects; the interplay of individual and team effort; pride and self-esteem in both victory and defeat; a skillful management of time; personal endurance and courage; and the complex relationships between friendship, leadership and service. Our athletics program, in the words of the college mission statement, calls for a "community marked by freedom, mutual respect, and civility."

Besides teaching these virtues, a few sports played at Holy Cross have the added value of focusing alumni and student support and enhancing our reputation locally and nationally. While Holy Cross continues to commit itself to accomplishment in these sports, which are a rich part of our tradition, we choose to do so in a way that complements the pursuit of academic excellence.

Holy Cross is committed to the guiding principles of the Patriot League, of which we are a founding member: Presidential control of athletics; the cultivation of the ideal of the scholar-athlete; and participation in a wide variety of sports. Commitment to the last principle assures that the college sponsors, in a very evident way, gender equity.

The department of athletics is also committed to compliance with all college policies and regulations involved in Division I membership in the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Eastern College Athletic Conference. As a member of the NCAA, Holy Cross also advocates student-athlete welfare, diversity, gender equity, sportsmanship and ethical conduct in its athletic programs.