Permissible Activities

    Boosters may…

  • MAY attend prospects' games or contests on their own initiative, but they cannot contact prospects there.
  • MAY speak to prospects on the telephone ONLY IF the prospect initiates the call and the call is not for recruitment purposes. Representatives must refer questions about the Holy Cross athletics program to the athletic department staff.
  • MAY continue a relationship with an established family friend or neighbor, with the understanding that contacts are not made for the purpose of recruiting.
  • MAY write or telephone a Holy Cross coach with information concerning a prospective student-athlete.
  • MAY provide employment at regular rates of pay for similar employees during the summer or other permissible work periods.
  • MAY provide a team or student-athlete an occasional family home meal provided the meals take place in the representatives' home, at a home athletics or on-campus facility or restaurant.  The meal may be catered and reasonable local transportation may be provided as long as the meal takes place the representative’s home.