Impermissible Activities

Boosters may not…

  • MAY NOT contact high school coaches, principals, or counselors in an attempt to evaluate prospects.
  • MAY NOT visit prospects' schools to pick up transcripts or films.
  • MAY NOT provide any transportation to prospects.
  • MAY NOT provide prospects or their parents or guardians with tickets to Holy Cross athletic events.
  • MAY NOT entertain or contact prospects during official visits.
  • MAY NOT pay or arrange payment of transportation costs incurred by relatives or friends of a prospect visiting the campus.
  • MAY NOT contact an enrolled student-athlete at another institution for the purpose of encouraging transfer to Holy Cross and participation in its athletics program.
  • MAY NOT provide cash or equivalent, merchandise, or gift certificates to currently enrolled student-athletes.
  • MAY NOT treat student-athletes to a meal at a restaurant or to entertainment services.
  • MAY NOT provide student-athletes with transportation or access to an automobile.
  • MAY NOT arrange for a special discount, payment plan, or credit on a purchase (e.g., airline ticket, clothing) or a service (e.g., laundry, dry cleaning) for student-athletes.
  • MAY NOT loan money, arrange for a loan, guarantee a bond, sign or cosign a note with an outside agency for student-athletes. 
  • MAY NOT make in-person, on- or off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospect or the prospect's relatives or legal guardians. This includes e-mail, fax transmission, telephone calls, letters, or contact on- or off-campus with a prospect or his or her parents.