John J. Wallace
Year of Graduation:
Year Inducted:
Men's Track & Field


In his first year with the Crusaders, Wallace captained the Holy Cross freshman track team, and his relay team went undefeated. They won the national title and had better times than many varsity teams at various meets. His first-year accolades continues when he won IC4A title at Madison Square Garden as the first freshman team every entered in national competition by Holy Cross. As he moved to the varsity team, he served as anchor man on varsity mile and 2-mile relay teams. His 2-mile team was rated in the East top five. He also competed in the 600-yard event, and while at Holy Cross he never lost in the 400- or 880-yard.

A co-captain his senior year, he graduated Holy Cross and entered the United States Navy, where he was a pilot for five years as Lieutenant Commander.  Wallace entered teaching and coaching after he left the service.  He passed away in 1987.