Twice as Nice^3

By Amy Martin
Special to

They’re used to double takes and the question “Do you have twin telepathy?” They’ve known each other their entire lives so when it came to decide what colleges they would attend; they figured what was four more years together? Kristen and Katelyn Desrosiers, Beth and Mary Fullerton and Emily and Kylee Sullivan can relate to all of the above and in turn make up the unique Crusader athletics twin trifecta. 

While many sets of twins have been part of Holy Cross athletic teams, this is the first time in Holy Cross history that three different sets of twins are donning the purple and white on three separate teams.

Kristen and Katelyn Desrosiers, sophomores from Gorham, Maine, initially thought they did not want to attend the same college. But when it came down to making a choice, the girls had similar desires for what they wanted from a school and both chose Holy Cross. Kristen, who swims freestyle and IM and Katelyn, who swims breaststroke and IM are both psychology majors, and agree that the best part of Holy Cross is the people and being part of the swim team. “I love our team,” Katelyn said with a smile. 

Growing up, the Desrosiers twins were always on the same swim team and people often felt that it was easier to tell which girl was which in the pool than out. “People can tell us apart by our strokes,” Katelyn said. In high school the girls would often take advantage of their similar looks by switching places in class. “Our teachers couldn’t tell, but our friends could,” said Kristen.

The girls also reflected on some of their favorite “twin stories.” Although they feel they don’t necessarily have twin telepathy, the pair often feels as though they know what the other is thinking or feeling. “We were playing hangman in the seventh grade and Katelyn writes the blanks, and I guessed it out of the blue as Gatorade and it was! “ Kristen recounted.

Even though it is sometimes difficult to see so much of each other, the girls listed several perks of being on the same team. “You’re with someone you’ve known all your life and you feel really comfortable,” Katelyn stated. Kristen followed this up by acknowledging that, “It’s fun. We know how each other are, if we have a bad race we understand and talk about it.”

Similarly, Beth and Mary Fullerton, freshman runners from Bradford, Mass., also never thought that they would want to go to the same school, until they came to Holy Cross. Between the team, the Teacher Education Program, the size and the location, the girls knew that they had found a good fit and applied early decision.

While the Fullerton’s have a lot in common including their majors (History), their desire to be teachers and their distances that they run (the mile and 800) they are quick to state that it’s important that people understand that they are individuals. “We don’t like to be called twins,” said Mary, “we like to have our own identities.” Beth was also happy to report that they have been lucky that their friends, teammates and coaches have always recognized this, “All of our coaches see us as individuals. We both have different strengths and weaknesses.” The girls recounted a high school race in which they were the third and fourth runners on a 4x800 relay team. “One coach from another team thought I was running the whole mile, they were really confused,” said Mary laughing.

Although they’ve only been members of the Holy Cross Cross Country team for a few months, the pair easily listed several perks of being on the same college team. Mary counts Beth as one of her chief motivators stating, “We push each other to run, it’s nice to run with each other on a long run and have someone there.” While Beth simply stated, “We both love the sport.”

Just like their fellow Crusaders, freshmen Emily and Kylee Sullivan, never thought that they would attend the same college. But when the option to play college hockey together at a school like Holy Cross became available, the girls jumped at the chance. The pair, from Arlington, Mass., have been playing sports together since they were five years old, and couldn’t be happier to continue playing together for the next four years.

One of their favorite parts of playing together is the motivation they find from one another due to their competitive nature that comes out on the ice. “I always want to be better than her,” Emily said, “It’s a great motivator. I always think, ‘This is not right I have to work harder!’”  Kylee followed this up by characterizing their competition as, “So intense.”

Emily, a defender and Kylee who is a forward, usually use their positions to help others differentiate the two on the ice, but when in doubt Emily said the best trick is to look at their hairstyle, “I wear a braid, she wears a ponytail.”

Although the girls both know they chose to come to Holy Cross for their own, individual reasons, several people felt it was only because they wanted to stay together. Emily stated, “This was the right decision for us. I know a lot of people were mad that we both went here because they wanted us to be individuals. But a lot of times people don’t understand that though we are twins, we are individuals. We have different opinions just like other siblings, but we were raised in the same household and have the same values. We don’t depend on each other but we’re a support system.” Kylee echoed these feelings, “She’s a big, big part of my life and it would be weird not to see her almost everyday. They had trouble grasping that. “

Emily and Kylee were also happy to report that they too love their team and are eager for the season to start. Kylee and Emily will look to help their teammates defend their ECAC title. “I hope we win it again!” Kylee said.

As their seasons continue, it can be certain that their respective teams will be making noise on rink, on the track and in the pool that is twice as loud as it has been before, all thanks to the twin trifecta.