Swimming & Diving Training Blog

The swimming and diving teams trained in Key Largo, Fla. from Jan. 8-15. The Crusaders blogged about their experiences.

January 17, 2013

Tuesday the entire team said farewell to the hot Florida sun. After spending a few hours together in the Miami airport, we boarded our flight and arrived safely in Boston. From our perspective, this training trip was the toughest and most successful one yet. We have been back in the Hart Center pool for a couple of practices now and while we wish we were still in Key Largo, we're glad to be back in our home pool. We have a lot to look forward to for the remainder of the season. The Worcester City Championship meet, which we have been preparing tirelessly for this past week, is this weekend. We have meets the next two weekends at Providence and then our final home meet, our senior meet (Ahhh! not yet! ), against Bryant. After that its only a small stretch until we pack up our bags and head to Bucknell for the Patriot League Championships. Thanks to everyone for following our blog, we hope to see our fans, family and friends at one of our upcoming meets!

-- The Seniors (Katelyn Desrosiers, Kristen Desrosiers, Natalie Livingston, Brian Lyons, Richie Pellegrini, Brian Power, Claire Reidy, Ned Supple, John Vatalaro and Laura Webber)


January 14, 2013

Last full day of the training trip.

Today was a typical training day, groggily waking up to "Buttons" by the Pussy Cat Dolls. We slipped on our speedos and endured a morning practice consisting of much repetition. After practice we checked into a snorkel boat ride. The boat took us out 10 miles near international waters to two government protected reefs. We received uncomfortable stories from the ship's mate the entire way there. After putting on our snorkel gear, we dove into our natural habitat and saw much colorful sea life and a beautiful reef. 

After this journey we returned home and prepped for our second practice of the day. We struggled through upset stomachs and exhaustion and finished the week out right.

Afterwards we all had a casual night and visited our favorite local hotspot, Sharkey's, one last time. So long Key Largo, thank you for welcoming us and a special thank you to everyone at the Jacob's Aquatic Center. See you next year!

--Tyler M. Wright '16, Joe Terranova '16, Matt Bates '16, Brendan Collins '16, Dave Mullany '16 and Max Trojano '16


January 13, 2013

Hi everyone!

We started off today with another early wake up call for an invigorating 6:00 a.m. practice. Stumbling to the pool in the dark, we were exhausted coming off a tough Saturday workout, but Coach held us to high standards as we worked our way through a practice of 200s followed by a kick set. The biggest challenge was the 1500 meter swim for time at the end of practice, which presented a tough mental and physical challenge... we're proud of everyone for motivating one another through the long race, keeping correct count for themselves, and calculating their times.

After practice, ready to take on the day, a lot of people grabbed breakfast and headed to the Holiday Inn pool for an afternoon of sun and more swimming... we just can't get enough of those pools! A couple of us ventured to a beach in Islamorada, about 10 miles south of Key Largo. The beach was beautiful, and while we were almost stranded by a deceitful cab driver, we made it back in time for a second practice of sprints at 2:00 p.m., totaling 4 hours in the Jacobs Aquatic Center pool for the day.

We watched the Patriots game together as a team tonight, and we think Coach yelling "SCHULTE" after most plays helped the Pats bring home their victory. We had a pizza party by the Marina, which finished off a nice little day for us here on our training trip in Key Largo. Tomorrow, we're planning on going on a snorkeling trip to the reefs off the coast in between practices, so we'll keep you posted!

Right now we're watching the Golden Globes and we're not sure what Jodie Foster is ranting about, but think Ben Affleck is adorable.

Thank you to all our devoted fans for keeping tabs on our fabulous lives via the World Wide Web. XOXO

--Cassandra Perry '14 and Kelsey Poremba '14


January 11 & 12, 2013

After swimming 3 practices in 22 hours and a 4th in 32 hours, the team needed a break. Luckily for us, coach listened and gave us the morning off today. We took this time to relax and enjoy what Key Largo has to offer. In between practices yesterday a bunch of us went to the local beach, which was part of a state park. Patrick Gibbons ('14) found a nice shady spot but still ended up somehow getting sunburned. Other members of the team rented out some kayaks there. "They said there was a coral reef about a mile out, but I decided to turn back after 50 yards" said John Vatalaro ('13). We would agree with him after the tough practices we have been having. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we left the beach to go back to practice from 4-6, where we witnessed the sunset. "The logistics of practice times worked out really well. The sunset made a tough set a lot less painful," said Ben Chelmow ('14).  That night we tried out some other nearby restaurants, many of which had live bands playing while we ate.  Being able to sleep in this morning was certainly a nice break.

Today’s practice at noon was possibly our toughest practice yet. We swam an intense 6000 meters, but not before saving an iguana from getting stuck in the fence in its attempt to join our team stretch. Afterward we went to the “Conch House”, which was actually featured on Man vs. Food. There, we learned it was actually pronounced like "konk".  Upon hearing this, Eileen McGowan (’14) pointed out that "apparently Spongebob was wrong."

--Tim Liddy '14, Kevin O'Connor '14, Anthony Russo '14, Jan Yburan '14


January 10, 2013

Aloha!! Just kidding we're in Key Largo, Florida this year for our training trip. It's been great weather
so far in the mid 80s and mostly sunny with passing clouds. Not too many sunburns so far. Everyone's a little sore today after our run, dryland and practices. We are mentally preparing to have 3 practices within a 24 hour time period by relaxing by the pool or exploring the area. After our first practice this afternoon we had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. We could walk out on the restaurant's pier and see all of the different boats and fish in the crystal clear water. We are looking forward to the next two days where we will do team activities like going to the beach or snorkeling in between practices. Well, we have to make dinner now before our 8 pm practice. We'll keep you posted. 

--Laura Webber '13, Clare Reidy '13, Natalie Livingston '13, Katelyn Desrosiers '13 and Kristen Desrosiers '13

January 8 & 9, 2013

The Holy Cross Men's and Women's Swim and Dive teams' winter training trip to the Sunshine State began bright and early before the Worcester sunrise. The team was lucky enough to beat the morning traffic rush to Boston and to get to Logan Airport in time to make our flight to Miami.

Once in Miami, all 32 of us boarded a bus for Key Largo, but first we had to take a detour to meet Laura Webber '13, at the local Miami bus depot (we'll have her tell you the story about that -- we're sure it was a memorable experience for her!). Once we rescued Laura, we made the almost 2 hour trip to the Keys.

After checking in at our quaint canal-side hotel, members of the team set out to explore our surroundings and grab a bite to eat. After a team meeting that evening, Coach Parenteau gave us the night to relax after a long day of travel.

The next morning started off with some dry-land cardio workouts that consisted of various aerobic exercises followed by a team run through Key West, as well as some kicking drills in the hotel pool. In the few hours we had between practice sessions, members of the team went about doing their own things. Much of the men's team found a nearby bike rental place and rented bikes for the week, allowing us to expand our horizons of exploration during our time here. While some set out to find the nearest beach for us to go to later on, others basked in the wonderful hot "Floribbean" (or "Keyribbean") sun.

That afternoon, the team took the 5 minute walk to the Jacob's Aquatic Center, where our practice facility is for the week. The team worked hard in this first practice in the competition pool, and it was only the start of what is to come this week.

After practice the team relaxed for a bit, then we all went out to dinner together at a local Tiki restaurant and enjoyed some good, quality team bonding.

--Richie Pellegrini '13, Ned Supple '13 and Brian Lyons '13