Swimming & Diving Training Blog

The Holy Cross swimming and diving teams trained in Hawaii from Jan. 8-16. The Crusaders blogged about their experiences.

January 16, 2012

Aloha HC cousins!

Today is our last day in paradise, we're leaving to return to Worcester tonight. We had a tough morning practice today and are now laying on the beach enjoying our last few hours of Hawaiian sun. Yesterday was a day off from practice, so traditionally we have a team excursion to bond and see more of our training trip location. We set out in the morning to travel to the north shore, however, we ended up spending most of the day on the bus getting a "scenic tour" of the island. Luckily it was great practice for our Patriot League Championship road trip to Annapolis. The north shore was beautiful and had impressive waves, but most of the day was full of rain clouds and light showers. Last night we got dressed up to get back on the bus to travel to the west side of the island for a traditional Hawaiian luau. Our escort, "cousin April," assured us Oahu only gets 16" of rain a year and we shouldn't worry about the ominous rain clouds. The first hour was so much fun! We volunteered cousin Barry for the hula competition and were able to watch him shake his stuff in front of 500 people dressed in a hula skirt and coconut bra (you can catch it on YouTube). I think we speak for all our cousins when I say, it was a proud moment for HC swim & dive. Unfortunately the competition was rigged and Barry was robbed of his hula king title by a member of the Springfield men's volleyball team. His consultation prize was a sweet poster. The fun came to a rapid close when a monsoon hit the luau and we got soaked with all our cousins. We attempted to eat dinner under our cute rain ponchos, but in the end, our food was as soggy as us and we headed back. It wouldn't be the HC swim team without some kind of fiasco, but it was certainly a night to remember. This time tomorrow well be back in our Hart center pool preparing for the Worcester City Championships. We have all had a wonderful week here in Hawaii!

Remember, Ohana means family and family means never getting left behind.


Madison Walsh '12, Maggie Beaudouin '12, Christine Karout '12 and Lindsay Mlazgar '12

January 15, 2012

After six days of training, we have finally arrived at our day off. We are headed for the North Shore on a bus from our hotel in southern Waikiki. The view of this part of the island is breathtaking, with the crystal blue ocean, and massive mountains and craters. The team is exhausted from our arduous training schedule, so a full day off is well deserved. Our journey of the Hawaiian Islands comes to an end tomorrow, so we plan on celebrating our last night here at an official Luau tonight. We'll have a workout early in the morning tomorrow and then in the afternoon we're off to the airport. This week has been so busy yet so rewarding and it is an experience that we will consider one of the high points of Holy Cross swimming for many years to come.

Patrick McMahon '12, Michael Burns '12 and Kevin O'Connor '14

January 14, 2012

Yesterday was a great day. Our awesome coach, Barry, gave us the morning off to sleep in, and we all enjoyed some great pizza with Dale, his wife and him that night. We were also all in good moods because our bus driver let us play some pump up music on the way to and from practice, thanks to Kendra's iPod. However, today we had to get back into it. Practices were hard, but we enjoyed our last day of double practices and had a long, necessary nap on the beach during the day. Half the team also spent the day hiking in the rainforest. We are going to cheer for our team back home (Go Pats!), and then get ready for a relaxing day at the North Shore tomorrow and a festive luau the team is excited to go to that night. It should be a great night of Hawaiian culture, traditional food, and best of all... learning how to hula dance. We hope Barry shows off his dance moves!

- Anna Villani '15, Kendra Kline '12 and Mary Kate Schulte '15

January 13, 2012

Finally some sleep! For the first time in a long time, the sun beat us up this morning. After four grueling days of double practices, we had a morning off and the sleep was much needed. Last night, each class went out to dinner, which served as a nice bonding experience. The sophomore class went to Rum Fire Restaurant, only because KFC didn’t take reservations as Uncle Ben” (Ben Chelmow) would have liked. We ate outside surrounded by palm trees and tiki torches, while listening to the waves crash against the shore. We definitely won the award for best restaurant (and best class, of course). We missed the sophomores who didn’t make the trip to Hawaii. Half of the group took a tour of Pearl Harbor this morning, which freshman Michael Noone said was a “sobering experience.” At Pearl Harbor, the group watched a movie about the attack and then took a boat to the memorial itself. It was a humbling experience for all and served as a reminder of our country’s history. The group then took a bus tour around Honolulu, led by bus driver "Cousin Shannon". Do you know what Hawaii has that no other state has? A Royal Palace! For the rest of us, it was a lazy day in paradise, as some spent the day at the beach or pool and others walked around Waikiki. If beach sitting was an event, the Patriot League Championship would be ours. Some of us have finally mastered sitting in the sun, as we learned SPF 8 doesn’t cut it. We’re off to our afternoon practice, where we expect Coach Barry Parenteau to crack the whip since our bodies have recovered and are ready to finish the week with some strong practices. After practice, we have a team pizza party out by the hotel pool and then it’s back to our rooms for some pillow talk and an early night as tomorrow morning we’re up before the sun to practice again.


- Tim Liddy '14 and Anthony Russo '14

January 12, 2012

Rise and shine! Now that the team has adjusted to the time difference, activities such as swimming a mile for time has become all the more "fun"! After breakfast a big group of the team headed to Diamond Head National Park to hike to one of the highest points in Honolulu. The walk up the mountain was intense but the view from the top was well worth the effort. Honolulu and Waikiki look even more beautiful from above! After the hike the team returned to the hotel to nap or went to the beach to relax before our second practice of the day. The team also decided to have individual class dinners tonight for some quality bonding time!

- Eileen McGowan '14 and Natalie Livingston '13

January 11, 2012

Well the team was off to another roaring start this morning at the crack of dawn. A Hawaii training trip would not be the same without a 5 a.m. daily wakeup. Following the lovely two hour wakeup practice, we continued our workout as we tried our best to not fall across the aisles of the bus ride to Hanauma Bay, just ask Anthony Russo. Our destination provided us with a magical and informative cinematic adventure on the fundamentals of snorkeling. After finally agreeing to not feed the fish, we strapped on our "masks" and fins and took to the sea. The beach provided a firsthand experience of the world of "Finding Nemo". Jake claimed to have spotted Dory, true story.

- Jake McLaughlin '15 and Jack Swain '15

January 10, 2012

Aloha! Today we woke up at 5:30 a.m. again to swim a rigorous 6,000 yards practice. After a long day at the beach yesterday and some tough practices everyone's exhausted but some of us are planning to snorkel today in Hanauma Bay or relax at the beach. Three practices down, 10 to go!

- Kristen Desrosiers '13, Katelyn Desrosiers '13 and Clare Reidy '13

January 8 & 9, 2012

Riiing! Our alarms go off, looks like it is time to go to the Hart Center! Wait, it is three AM! And so begins our adventure to Hawaii. Thirty-eight swimmers and divers, our coach and his wife all traveled to Oahu, which consisted of a four hour flight to Dallas and an eight hour flight across the Pacific to the Honolulu International Airport. The day was exhausting but it was all worth it when we stepped outside and felt the balmy 80 degree weather (also worth it because of a David Spade sighting in the airport!). We arrived at our hotel in Waikiki and headed two blocks over to the ocean in time to catch the picturesque sunset. The team grabbed dinner at a local burger place and after a brief meeting, headed straight to bed. It's currently 8:15 a.m. and thanks to our 5:30 a.m. wake up, we've already finished a two hour, six thousand yard workout. After breakfast, the team is headed to the beach to relax until our next practice at 5:30 p.m. One practice down, 12 more to go! Aloha!

- Lauren Leary '12, Annie O'Shea '12 and Emily D'Angelo '12